XBOX360 Elite Official Website: Everything you need to know

The official homepage of microsofts new announced premium sku. The Xbox360 elite.

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PSN Starfleets4754d ago

I'd rather get a PS3 just by default they screwed me over.

Keyser4754d ago

I'm at work, can't read the article because of filters. Does it say whether the HDMI is 1.3 or not?

I too am put off by this and feel a little...disrespected. If this would have come out at launch I would have bought it. Its a hassle now to sell the 360 then go by this thing. Plus, not opening up the hard drive to use bigger (available) hard drives is still not cool. 120gb is nice but i have had 250 in my computer for 3 years now.

Personally, this is worse than not supporting the Xbox after the 360 arrived, ring of death (because it hasn't happend to me), and the HDdvd $200 add-on that doesn't play HDdvd games.

Not cool MS...

jonnyjd14754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

I may be off, but I'm a little put off by this move by MS to put out another SKU for the 360. It seems early in the life cycle of the 360 to upgrade the system with a brand new SKU.

I'm not sure what they really wanted to have happen. Unless you have a lot of spare $, I don't think that any current owners are going to go for a more expensive unit. So the real target market are those that don't have a 360 yet.

My personal opinion is that they waited to see if the PS3 was really going to sell at it's price point and then decided, "Hey, if people are really buying the PS3, lets upgrade our system and increase the price just enought that it's nearing the price point of the PS3. People will obviously pay."

Just my opinion and a little disappointing to me. Please feel free to agree or disagree.

power of Green 4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

-Yah! maybe you should its probably best go out and get a PS3.

#2 I think most of the new 360s will be bought by current 360 owners.

R34GTR4754d ago

The XBox360 ELITE: Translated: OMG WE FUCC'D UP.... SONY Was right again. We will just sneak in a quick upgrade slap some black paint on it and call it elite. Our customers are usually anti-sony and Microsoft die hards. They wont know the difference. Hell they will call it "choice".

Even though their 4 hundred dollar premium model is no longer premium after less than 2 years. Their is a reason we included HDMI and Bigger HDD. Because gamers are going to need it. So if they need it how is that choice.

Microsoft. Number 1 consumer rapers. lol

jedicurt4754d ago

so they payed $399 for their first Xbox 360, and now pay $479 (or what ever it will be) for their elit..... If i'm not mistaken, a PS3 and then a 120GB drive for it, is less than $850+... who has the cheaper console now?

I thought the idea of being able to upgrade the PS3 HD was nice before, now i love the idea

PSN Starfleets4754d ago

The Elite is around $8 cheaper still.

jedicurt4754d ago


now how is the elit still $8 cheaper???????

stop your lies

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The story is too old to be commented.