MS: No Trade-Up schemes on offer for Xbox 360 Elite

If you recently bought an Xbox 360, you will have greeted today's news of an 'Elite' version of this system with perhaps slight frustration. Wired had a chat with John Rodman of Xbox 360 who stated that the Elite was the worst kept secret in the industry and that any possible 'trade-up' schemes would happen at a retail level ONLY.


Asked whether Microsoft would provide any trade-up program for current 360 owners who want the Elite, Rodman said that any trade-in deals would happen at the retail level, and that he is not currently aware of any in the works.

In anticipation of tonight's announcement of the Xbox 360 Elite, Wired News spoke with John Rodman, group product manager with Xbox 360 and Xbox Live. Calling the announcement "the worst kept secret in the video game business," Rodman cleared up some rumors about the system and left some questions unanswered for the time being.

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Rooted_Dust4754d ago

All they need to do now is add an HD-DVD drive and we will never have to hear about price points again. Personally I think this is a horrible precedent to start.

nix4754d ago

they will release another new set of SKUs with HD-DVD (or Blu-ray) drives and motion-sensitive joysticks. it will probably called - Delight! q:

but hey.. they gotta come, right?

BIadestarX4754d ago

Microsoft believes in digital distribution; that's why they wouldn't do this. Consumers will feel betrayed when IPTV and Netflix features are release later. Microsoft is focusing on digital distribution Sony on physical distribution. I charge the consumer $200 extra when you are working towards another goal? Sony wants and need blu-ray to win, that's why they have no plans to widen the digital distribution market. So for them it was great idea to push blu-ray. Wait until Apple TV, IPTV, and netflix are part of the equation. Wait until people become more aware of digital distribution and you will see how Sony will look by being the only one pushing physical distribution and the only one not publish digital distribution. Many of you think digital distribution are too far away. But never understimate the influence small companies like (Apple, Microsoft and Netflix) can have.

Keyser4753d ago

I agree #1. This is poor manuever and I hope one that is unsuccessful. If Sony comes out with PS3 with a slightly enhanced PS3 (not that entertainment behemoth PS3)but a PS3 with a 500gb hard drive and a 1080p projector built-in (screen sold seperately) I'll scream bloody murder!
Of course, I'm exaggerating but I don't like MS's approach on this one. I'd rather they open the 360 up to put in whatever hard drive that you want instead of selling this. What happens when terabyte hard drives become popular and you really need the space for all the HD downloads (countless movies, and marketplace content).

This irks me...

ThaGeNeCySt4754d ago

ah well, i didn't want this anyway.

Ps3604204754d ago

Dont think for a second they care about you...

Glad they put out a console that a Ps3 owner can pick up.. Atleast this model is decent...

20gb is garbage and was garbage... Anyone who didnt see that from the start deserves this.

Creepa at GameManx4754d ago

Microsoft just fu(ked its premium vaseline

ownallconsoles4754d ago

I Hate Microsoft now. Sony is true to their customers.

artman4754d ago

so I can't trade my burn-out 360 now? thank you for selling me junk~ I haven't even finish my lost planet yet.

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