Poll: So, You Gonna Buy That Black Box?

In case you missed the big news, Microsoft announced the Xbox 360 Elite. In short: The Xbox 360 Elite will come with a 120GB hard drive, an HDMI port, a HDMI cable, both component and composite cables, an audio adapter for use with HDMI and a black finish for the console, wireless controller and Xbox Live headset. The Elite model will hit in North America on April 29 for $479.99 along with a new stand-alone 120 GB hard drive that will sell for a whopping $179.99.

Now that you know what it is, Kotaku presents an unscientific poll for you to participate in.

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likeaboss3024751d ago

I found out it doesn't have built in Wi-Fi or HD DVD. So that means if I bought one I'd have a white HD DVD hanging on it and a white Wi-Fi adaptor. Sure I could buy new Black ones but I'm not made of money. Too much money for just HDMI and a hard drive. Way to f up a good thing MS!

Scrooge4751d ago

I think it's really hard to satisfy hardcore gamers. For instance, I didn't think anyone would actually care that their black 360 didn't match their white HD-DVD. I also think that if MS did include Wi-Fi then gamers would say, "It doesn't include built in HD-DVD". See what Im getting at? Im just happy that it includes HDMI, I hope it makes a significant difference in clarity.

vidoardes4751d ago

I totally agree with bp there, it is a rediculous move to not put Wi-Fi in the console. It costs £60 for the adapter over in the UK,m if you then buy a year of XBox live, that's as much as a PS3 (which is too expensive in my eyes). If they had included Wi-Fi I would have probably bought one, but it's not worth the extra cash

sovietsoldier4751d ago

i wanted a black one since launch day now that i have one im noting going to pay for a new one when a can of spray paint cost 3 bucks.

Raziel McGee4751d ago

I will be there when gamestop opens on the 27th. My patience has paid off that favors......... ME>>>>>>

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The story is too old to be commented.