PS3 Record Breaking Continues: 78K in Two Days (France) France reports: (translated with Babelfish)

"Despite a launch evening spoiled, the sales of the PS3 of Sony start up on the hats of wheels: 600 000 sold consoles in two days in Europe.

It does not be necessary itself there to be mistaken, alone the organized event for his gone out did not meet the success awaited. The sales of the Playsation 3 realize a pretty box according to the amount advanced by Fujio Nishida, President of Sony Europe. This are 600 000 consoles that would have found taker in the two following days his gone out March 23 2007.

In France, the figure confirmed by Georges Fornay, president of Sony Computer Entertainment France and vice president of SCE Europe, rises to 78 000 PS3 on the same period of two days. France positions itself behind England and its 173 000 unities, but gets ahead of Spain and respectively third and fourth Germany (the amount again are not known). This is 24% of better than the PS2 that had done "only" 63 000 sales in two days. Still according to Georges Fornay, the cape of the 100 000 should be attained during the weekend next.

For Sony, this would be the biggest success all confused consoles in France. Still according to the builder the Playstation 3 and its 78 000 unities does better than the Wii and the Xbox, with respectively 75 000 and 49 000 flowed consoles in two days. The scarcity is not again there, but to this rhythm, the console risks being very quickly in stock rupture in most of the stores."

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milthaar4760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

looks like the ps3 launch went very well in france to but i can already predict what the posts below me will say
''lol how many ps3's were shipped out to france?''
''how many wii's were sold?''
''ps3 is to expensive''
''the euro launch flopped''
''france doesnt matter''
''frenche are gay''

edit: o ye i just wanted to add that i find it amazing how nintendo fans and xbox fans manige to turn this kind of news and make it look like sony is done for

kingboy4760d ago

u got nothing to say on here about frenchies

r10004760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

'lol how many ps3's were shipped out to france?''
''how many wii's were sold?''
''ps3 is to expensive''
''the euro launch flopped''
''france doesnt matter''
''frenche are gay''


yea followed by....


techie4760d ago

Kingboy he was showing what some stupid people might say. He was being ironic and amusing. Read before you flame this amusing character.

Killer Cop4760d ago

You are so right. Don't forget the fanboys saying "WHUT-EVAR! Launch sales means nothing!!1".


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PureGamer4760d ago

who actually gives a flying fuk on sales figures come off of it, its a games console go play it. If you care about this shyte you are a pure fanboy and not a true gamer.

GaMr-4760d ago

PS3 Beaks Records... Microsoft Releases new Console. lol wow...

Looks like a re-run of last Gen sorta...kinda..hehe

Armyless4760d ago

"For Sony, this would be the biggest success all confused consoles in France."

Confused you say? Hehehe

nix4760d ago

this news was translated from babelfish.. so lets not jump into minute details like grammer and sentence constructions. the BIG news is - 78,000 PS3 SOLD!!!

MS, i think france loves PS3 too... q:

techie4760d ago

No I like the confused consoles bit. It's funny.

Now legitimate question.

600,000 sold in EUROPE? Is that not including OZ and other PAL regions they just launched in? Because the 1million shipped were accross the whole PAL perhaps they are a lot closer to 1million than we think. Around 800,000 I expect.

That would make sense, as all reports have said Europe...

Armyless4760d ago

I can't poke a little fun at the horrible translation? I think that mis-translation does a better job of summing up the entire gaming industry better than any poet could have... "confused consoles".

Of course we should all toast the French for the (late but) nice 78,000 sales numbers. Maybe they had the launch date confused. Oh well.

nix4760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

well... now the site says -
"0.61m Others"
and "2.80m TOTAL"

yup deepbrown.. should be around 1 million. let's keep our fingers crossed!!! (:

deepbrown (below)... i need a bubble too.. i lost a couple while i said something about theM.

i know.. some of these fanboys don't appreciate sense of humour! they are quite blinded. anyway.. i'll give you each a bubble... armyless and deepbrown. q:

techie4760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

Armyless feel free to make amusing comments again. We need them. I got labelled as a fanboy for laughing at the Sony response to the elite...when it was hilarious how these companies b*tch at each other...I think I got that accross though.

Bubbles for armyless

Adriokor - depends

Adriokor4760d ago

Meh you say something negative about xbox -1 bubble.

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GaMr-4760d ago


Xbox360 fanboys said it wouldnt sell. And the Xbox360 was the perfect console.

Give it another year and a half and you will see. Xbox360 super elite..
now with Blu-ray drive

Just teasing. But I do see a big momentum change in the console war as you all call it.

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The story is too old to be commented.