Yuji Naka and life after Sonic

Since leaving Sega's Sonic Team last year to form his own new studio, Tokyo-based Prope, legendary game designer Yuji Naka has been as quiet as a hedgehog in hibernation.

Naka is (quite rightly) credited with creating some of gaming's best-loved titles during his tenure at Sega. Credits include Sonic the Hedgehog, NiGHTS and the Phantasy Star series to name a few.

In March 2006 Naka announced his intention to leave the Sega stable and branch out on his own. He went on to form Prope (pronounced 'pro-pe'), which is a Latin word meaning 'beside' and 'near' future. Since then though, things on the Naka front have been quite. A little too quiet, maybe?

CVG managed to track down the legendary creator but he wouldn't give anything away regarding what the company is currently is working on but expect Naka's new titles to be multi-platform.

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