Xbox 360 120GB HDD has file transfer issues

The new and spacious 120GB Xbox 360 hard drive is locked and loaded in Japan, but before you go out and buy it, here are some reminders that you may find valuable.

The new 120GB Xbox 360hard drive is apparently loaded with some restrictions. The biggest of which is the fact that you cannot combine data from two of the old 20GB HDDs in the new one. That means if you've been storing game data and related stuff in one HDD and used another one to store movies, you'll have to choose which set of files to place in the new drive. Attempting to house both sets will result in only the latter ones being saved.

The other issue is that files from the smaller drives can be transferred to the bigger one, but there's no turning back. The 120GB Xbox 360 new drive won't allow transfer from the 120GB HDD to the 20GB HDD.

This may irk some users who followed Microsoft's suggestion that gamers can buy two HDDs to house their data separately. Whether adjustments will be made when the accessory hits American shores is yet to be seen.

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eques judicii4316d ago

i only own one and would never own 2 because that would mean setting up another account for the other 360... in which case this is a moot point anyhow, because you just redownload the movies from the account that isn't for gaming...

this article is a waste of space... very few people have 2 drives and even fewer will want to go from 120 -> 20 gb

hfaze4316d ago

BUT... It's good to have the info out there just in case somebody does run into this (highly unlikely) situation.

I do have to give Microsoft kudos for FINALLY putting out a bigger hard drive... now if only they would kill off the core SKU, drop the price of the 20GB drive to dirt cheap, and untie the hands of the developers (allowing games to be made that REQUIRE the hard drive).

shotty4316d ago

The only thing that really need to be transfered is the game saves, everything else can be redownloaded off the marketplace but who has 2 harddrives....seems alittle pricy to do...none the less, im sure there are people that do thi.

God of Gaming4316d ago

BINGO.. I dont see these issues as a problem. Just transfer your game saves and profiles and you can re-download anything you have paid for again without spending a point.

BIadestarX4316d ago

Is this an issue? aaa ahahahaha. For those ignorant enough it's called security. Remember when you purchase an xbox live arcade that it unlocks the game, remember when you purchase movies, etc? Well, if this would be allowed people would be distributing contents all over. Nice try. You want my games, here let me copy them to your drive!

closedxxx4316d ago

You can sidestep one of the problems by using a memory unit as a hopping point for data. If you want content from two different hard drives, just take the files from one hard drive (considering they are small enough to fit.. games saves etc.) and put them on the memory unit. Then move the large data files from the other hard drive directly to the 120gb hdd. YOu can then move the files from the memory unit to the 120gb hdd, and they will work, so long as they are saved to the same profile you are signing in with.

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