Elite 360 won't replace Core or Premium systems

The new Xbox 360 Elite will not influence availability of the existing packs, says Microsoft.

Microsoft has assured us that the Xbox 360 Elite won't take over from current Core and Premium packs, saying it's about offering a further option to gamers.

"Both the Premium Xbox 360 and the Core Xbox 360 are very important for offering you as much choice as possible when buying an Xbox 360. The Elite Xbox 360 does not replace either of these", Mike Newey, Platform Marketing Manager, Xbox Europe, has explained.

He continued, "...rather, it offers a further option for the kind of gamer who wants the biggest possible hard drive, HDMI connectivity at a great value price."

Although Xbox 360 Elite has only been confirmed for the US so far, Newey said that Microsoft is "definitely committed to bringing the Xbox 360 Elite to Europe". But he can't offer further information on this at this time.

Xbox 360 Elite, which is decked out in black and features a 120Gb HDD and HDMI support, launches in the US on April 29, priced $479.99. A 120GB hard drive will also be sold as an add-on for $179.99.

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EasilyTheBest4312d ago

I have said this for ages now... Microsoft will never give up on the Core pack as theyll always have a price advantages over Sony by NOT including a hard drive...
Xbox360 will be the 1st to £199, £149 and the 1st to £99. Price really will make all the difference in the long term.

Droidbro4312d ago

look at the gamecube...

Ravenator5294312d ago

I really thought they would drop the core system. IMO the core is a big waste of money but I guess its all about choices.

r10004312d ago

yea you can't blame MS for releasing this system....

They're just trying to stay cutting edge....

it may disappoint people who already bought the 360 ... but they are looking for future sales...

the 8-10 million they did sell already... really isn't a huge number in the grand scheme of things...

Mikey_Gee4312d ago

What ??

So when can we expect to see these in Canada ???

With a VGA port accepting 1920x1080 on my 61" 1080p TV and the online movies and TV shows not being offered to anyone outside the USE, I don't need the Elite, but I would still like to see it in Canada !!

Rasputin20114312d ago

I think giving casual/Hardcore gamers the choice of Core,Premium, or Elite is going to be leverage for MS because its all about what you can afford and how much time you spend gaming so if one likes the Xbox and only plays games here and there with buds then grab the core if you like to game regularly/Hardcore and will need to save campaigns and dynasties and stuff along with download some content from XBL then the Premium is for you and last but not least if you are a flat-out Hardcore gamer who is also a "Tech Junkie" then the Xbox elite is for you....So its all about meal,value meal, and Super Sized.