Industry Musicians Must Defeat 'Insecurities'

Alastair Lindsey, music manager for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, says the industry still has a number of challenges and insecurities to overcome if it is to succeed in exploiting its full potential for creating fully immersive musical game scores.

In an interview with Music4Games, Lindsey said that "Music in games can be such a complex beast to get right." He suggested that musical scores for games were not consistently up to scratch because the tools currently being used by many music producers "can be overly complex or just plain user unfriendly", while those using the music systems are often inexperienced to begin with.

Lindsey was unsure why those working in the industry were afraid to embrace new technologies such as interactive and surround sound, and warned recording artists that they were going to have to adapt to changing working conditions if they wanted to prevail in the industry. "You can easily add simple interactivity into music scores so I don't understand why some people shy away from it… As we move more towards full dynamic music scores these recording artists will have to start writing differently, so no more stereo mixes. It will be interesting to see how these artists can write interactively as I'm sure most of them have never done anything like it before."

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