Harrison: PS3 "the biggest product launch ever"

Sony Studios boss claims PS3 was the biggest consumer launch ever seen in the UK.

PS3 may have cemented its place in history as the most successful home console launch ever in the UK, but Sony World Wide Studios boss Phil Harrison says that there has never been a product launch like it in any sector.

Speaking on the Game Theory Podcast, Harrison claimed: "In the UK 165,000 units were sold through to consumers in the first 48 hours, and that is over £100 million worth of business going through UK retail tills in PS3 hardware, software and peripherals. This not only makes it the most successful games hardware launch, we think it is the most successful consumer launch of a product in the UK.

"We have been in the office scratching our heads trying to think of a consumer product that has achieved that level of consumer sales in such a short period of time. If anyone can think of a UK product launch that has raised this amount of business in such a short period of time I'd love to know because we can't think of one."

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nice_cuppa4757d ago

nintendo ds and wii both wooped ps3 and thats only the resent things i can think of.

does anyone believe ps3 was a bigger product launch than either of these ???

PureGamer4757d ago (Edited 4757d ago )

idiot and a 360 fanboy seem to go to together really nice these days.

Hes talking about the the fact that the Ps3 broke sales records, the amount of money the PS3 pulled in which was much more than the wii and the DS mong and how quicly they gained that money.

Vojkan4757d ago

Idiot, did you even read article? PS3 BROKE SALES RECORD FOR ANY CONSOLE!
Now Shut up and go play you "toy" called wii on last gen TV and with xbox1 spec! Pathetic! And you compare that crap to PS3/360? For God sake...

Armyless4757d ago

It's easy to forget (I guess) that the PS3 had only been in Japan and the U.S. all this time... while it's competitors were in all three markets. Now we begin to see what a level playing field looks like.

Ps3604204757d ago

Great job having a great launch even with Microsoft trying to ruin the party... They failed, made themselves look like geeks, and now with this added console that still has no Wifi, a gimped restricted hard drive, and the same old CPU that keeps overheating....

Officially its GAME ON!

n4g sucks4757d ago

Go sony.... even bill gates with all the money in the world couldnt mess up the ps3 launch....the next gen war is about to really get started and i suspect the ps3 and 360 to be equal in total sales world wide by christmas. it will be mid 2008 when the ps3 install base is larger then the 360s in the USA.