Red Steel 2 Trailer

Kombo Writes: "Behold, the first trailer of Red Steel 2. Had your doubts about this sequel? Well this trailer should put them to rest. "

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Monteblanco5264d ago

Fantastic! I am really impressed.

MattyF5264d ago

Now let's hope they can reach that level of in-game graphics. I'm sure they'll come close.

qface645264d ago

i thought the first red steel was crappy and felt really rushed
but from this trailer alone i gotta say NICE!! looks pretty good graphics wise but what i like the most is the new look something about it just looks more fun

badz1495264d ago

who think that swinging things like that while playing a game is stupid? I think it's just me because 50+ million people with the Wii will not agree! but I got sweaty rather quickly for me to waggle things like that while not having an air-conditioned room! I'm sticking with traditional gaming for now and maybe I'll get a Wii later when I get old! haha...

MegaPowa5264d ago

So your saying this game is going to sell zero copies? <_< the first game was a million seller and even tho it prolly got alot of returns 60% of the people who bought it the first time will buy it again

Smacktard5264d ago

Hooooooooooooooooooly crap. The first Red Steel wasn't that impressive. This? I've really got my hopes up.

Timesplitter145264d ago

now that looks MUCH better than RS 1

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Vizion265264d ago

That is the craziest, awesomenest, badass video game trailer I have ever seen.

And yes, I know awesomenest is not a word.

Timesplitter145264d ago

I believe the word is "awesomest"

Mo0eY5263d ago

LMFAO, game of the year? Give me whatever you're smoking man.

SinnedNogara5264d ago

This game is going to rule, unlike the first one. I am buying it.

I hope they bundle it with Wii MotionPlus (without the jacket) I don't need another jacket, especially since I bought 4 in August.

swiftshot935264d ago

Metroid Prime 3 GAMEPLAY looks better

ChickeyCantor5263d ago

Wait! The varia suite had a "sword" upgrade?!
DAMN IT and there I was thinking i actually had 100%. Damn lying system they tricked me!