220° On The Elite: "Elite Now Makes 360 Comparable To PS3" ?

The following quote was taking from They did a full review of the Xbox360 elite or as they call it "Mircosofts worst kept secret".

"Microsoft has equipped the new Xbox with a 120GB hard drive and an HDMI port to make the 360 comparable to the PlayStation 3. The Xbox 360 Elite won't be replacing either of the current models, mostly because its advanced feature set is designed to appeal to enthusiasts and early adopters--the two consumer groups willing to spend more than $399 on a game console."

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razer5234d ago

For just a few bits more you can have the base PS3 with built-in Wifi and a Blu-Ray player. Granted it's less HDD space but still a better deal IMO. And they say it's designed to appeal to the "early adopters". I think this is the most vocal group about how displeased they are with this replacement console. They actually think this group will go back and buy it again within 1.5 years of the launch? Wow, someone at MS is smoking some serious crack!

nix5234d ago

MS is still in the software mindset, i.e. we can upgrade anytime we want and they will buy have to buy it. remember they still haven't yet come out with HD-DVD attached SKUs (by saying things like we are giving consumers options - if you want to move ahead, just move ahead with full steam) and they still have to upgrade their controllers with motion sensors. MS, GAMERS ARE NOT YOUR USUAL WINDOWS USERS!!

i suggest that everyone wait for a year until MS comes out with all the features listed above.


or you can suck up and buy it. q:

JasonPC360PS3Wii5234d ago

Your whole comment makes your avatar fit you perfectly. All you Sony fans ever do is whine and sign petitions when you don’t get what you want.

Sony fans = Spoiled rich kids that cry and throw tantrums.

JIN KAZAMA5234d ago

If they are appealing to enthusiasts, that means that money is not an issue to them. Therefore, they would pick the ps3 over this garbage. The PS3 has WiFi, replaceable HDD, and HD movie player, motion controller WITH RUMBLE comming soon. Free ONLINE, great dloadable content, and PSN HOME!!!!!
DAMN, that is an AWESOME DEAL, i already ahve a PS3, and by me listing that again, makes me want to PURCHASE ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ChefDejon5234d ago

Gamespot. its funny because the xbox 360 is now actually close to be comparable to the Ps3's standards and before it wasnt. lol hey thats what they say

Eternal E 8085234d ago

speak for the ps3 because the last time i checked the 360 has all the high scores,good games and sales.

Keyser5234d ago

Having a larger hard drive, HDMI, and painting the 360 black makes the PS3 similar but they were always comparable. You can compare anything. They both play games but they have some very distinct differences that MS didn't really touch on with the new Elite installment. When I say that I'm speaking in terms of the multi-card reader, bluray, and the interchangeable hard drive.

They may not have thought it good business since. We shall see if that was an error or unnecessary items.

hfaze5234d ago

First, HD discs not needed...
The Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive comes out...
Then, 1080p is pointless...
The patch for 1080p support comes out...
Then, HDMI is not needed...
The Xbox 360 Elite comes out...

And the real kicker is that Micro$oft could have used this as the chance to beat Sony to the 65nm processor punch, BUT THEY DIDN'T!!! Which, by the way... Sony is already mass producing the Cell on the 65nm process, and working on the 45nm process chips, working towards a quick price drop...

If the Xbox 360 is such a future-proof next-gen system, then why with all the add-ons, new rev's, and adding features that they said were not necessary?

U R ! <red>e

Merovee5234d ago

You forgot it's now Black with Silver trim.

Babylonian5234d ago

With razor and jin kazama. The PS3 is more appealing than the third xbox 360 console of Microsoft.

I mean the features the PS3 is getting just won't stop, I am reffering to the software (Home, LBP, Firmare updates, Free online support via PSN, PSP connectivety, etc.) because the hardware of the PS3 is mostly complete (the only thing they will be revising is the controller which will get new rumble functions and maybe a slimline PS3 design in the far future)

Now Microsoft is rethinking their strategy by also adding the features the PS3 already had and calling it "choice" for the people who are interested in it.

"choice"'s kinda silly, they keep calling it choice that the consumer kan chose if he wants a HD-DVD add-on or a HDMI output with 120 GB console by buying the new elite. But let's be reasonable, I can choose not to buy the PS3 and I can choose to buy it. I'm not forced of having a Blu-ray or Wi-Fi or HDMI or 60 GB which are all built into the console if I dont buy the PS3, I am choosing to buy a PS3 for gaming and I see those features as extras which are very nice to have.

Microsoft says Sony designed the PS3 not for games primarely. If this is so then why did Microsoft release the elite, now don't say for choice because if they would have built all those things in the first place then they could let the consumer decide to use it or not just like the PS3. And to debunk the statement: it's called the PLAYstation for a reason.

For that I "chose" the PS3.

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