Scenes from Blade Runner, Aliens & I am Legend in CryENGINE 2

A group of three talented artists have put together an amazingly accurate scene from the science-fiction movie classic Blade Runner using Sandbox 2 World Editor. This meticulously re-created scene brought the team the grand prize in Game Artist forums' "Scene from a Movie" competition. Other impressive CryENGINE 2 re-creations of I am Legend (4th place) and Aliens (5th place) movies are included as well.

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Timesplitter144391d ago

What are they waiting for to make a good FPS or TPS game based on the Alien 2 (Aliens) movie?

It's like the best setting ever for a videogame

Close_Second4391d ago

...they would need to introduce some additional settings to give it some variety. The barren LV-426 and Atmosphere reprocessing plant would provide a great start to the game but you would need something for the finale. Maybe they could work out where the derelict space craft picked up its alien cargo and journey to the alien homeworld.

Fishy Fingers4391d ago

They (Gearbox) are actually making exactly that, a game based on Aliens called Aliens: Colonial Marines. Sadly it's been put on the burner so they can focus on AVP.

But eventually, you'll get your wish.

Perjoss4391d ago

Isn't is funny how so many games use the 'marines vs aliens' theme but there have only been a few games based in the Aliens universe.

SonyRulz4391d ago are so wrong, and misinformed, it's not even funny. :o

The new AvsP game is being developed by Rebellion/Sega, and has NOTHING to do with Gearbox's A:CM game. That game HAS NOT been "put on the back burner". They are working on Borderlands AND the Aliens game, and if anything, it is BORDERLANDS that has been pushed back.

Matpan4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

Alien 1 & 3 are the good ones imho... Alien 2 is just OK... 4 is a total fail.

BTW... Those screens look GREAT specially the blade runner ones!

hermie4391d ago

The movie has certainly influenced its fair share of games, like Starcraft and Doom.

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Close_Second4391d ago

Bladerunner (Final Cut) 10/10
I Am Legend 6.5/10.

Now lets see those settings when filled to the brim with gameplay as well!

DecayingMadness4391d ago

I especially like the I Am Legend one but they are missing one thing, Will Smith.

Jackel20724391d ago

OMG that looks so amazing! we really do need a new (a well done) Blade Runner game.

Close_Second4391d ago

...exploit the whole Blade Runner universe a lot more. Mind you, if they come up with more clunkers like Solider (starring Kurt Russel) then maybe they should just leave well enough alone.

Tony P4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

My favourite film ever made bar none.

Those Bladerunner screens are the coolest thing I've seen in a while. A new Bladerunner game would be frickin'...well, the excited kid in me says "WEEEEEE!" but the tempered adult remembers how much movie games tend to suck regardless of the uber graphics.

Perjoss4391d ago

I really don't mean to insult the artists who created these, but there are a few reasons why these scenes might look so amazing compared to something you might see in a finished video game. Probably stating the obvious here:

Firstly they look like they were designed to be looked at from a limited number of angles, so if you walked to the end of that road there is nothing around the corner.

Secondly they probably had a lot more time to work on them than a team creating a scene like this for a game.

Last but not least they did not have to worry about how these scenes would perform during an in game firefight or car chase.

I still think they look amazing though, nice work.

patterson4391d ago


If this is the future of gaming sign me up.

4391d ago
patterson4391d ago

Jeezus that is scary real.
I can see that more in the PC (porn) gaming industry though lol.

Nice find, bubble for that.

4391d ago
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