STALKER Interview

It's taken several years but the development team at GSC GameWorld can now see the light at the end of the tunnel for STALKER: Shadows of Chernobyl, their post-apocalyptic first person shooter. With the game now heading to a first quarter 2007 release, FiringSquad decided to get an update on the game's progress from GSC GameWorld PR head Oleg V. Yavorsky

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Gangs Of Sherwood review - taking from the poor - Metro

A deeply flawed attempt to make a cross between Warhammer: Vermintide and an old school scrolling beat ‘em-up, with dumb and repetitive combat that’s never fun even in co-op.


SteamWorld Build review - relaxing fun with a cerebral edge | Video Gamer

SteamWorld Build is a relaxing game that is great for those who want to keep their mind active but don't want to work too hard.

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 campaign and multiplayer review - barely salvaged | Video Gamer

Antony writes: "This MW3 review has our verdict on everything from the single-player campaign, multiplayer, and Zombies mode of the latest CoD title."

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