Harrison: "PS3 is the most sucessful launch of a product in the UK"

Sony announced a few days ago that the PlayStation had sold over 165,000 units, now Phil Harrison says that there hasn't been a product launch like it in any other sector and that it's been the most successful consumer launch for a product in the UK.

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SuperSaiyan45233d ago

Why is there plenty of PS3's on the shelves de ja vu cos loads in the USA still - hey Phil you gonna offer everyone who can find a PS3 that sits on the shelves for more than 5mins £1500? I am ready!!

nix5233d ago

you know it sold... and it sold good!!!

i pity these kids who refuse to take any news about sony doing good.

techie5233d ago

Well he is right. It was the most successful. But whether it continues this way...