New Kingdom Hearts Project will not be numbered

According to FF13 Vids, Nomura was recently interviewed in a Japanese magazine and said that "the next Kingdom Hearts project will NOT be numbered", meaning it will not be named Kingdom Hearts 3.

He also repeated and said that we should expect a surprise at the upcoming "Square Enix Party 2007".

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BlackIceJoe4317d ago

I can see the Wii getting the side ones and the PS3 getting the numered ones. But just because that happens does not make one game better then the other one. for all we know the Wii version could be better then the PS3 one.

Odiah4317d ago

All Nintendo gets these days are rubbish square spin offs. Same goes for Capcom.

bootsielon4317d ago

Wiingdom Hearts. It makes so much sense... the Wii is a smashing success in Japan AND America. Kingdom Hearts' Target demographic could easily afford a Wii (or their parents), but hardly a PS3. Furthermore, the Kingdom Hearts engine doesn't have to be enhanced much. Also, the Keyblade and the Wiimote are a perfect combo.

I personally love the Kingdom Hearts series (I'm a kid at heart), so that game would make me buy a Wii immediately. I don't have one because I can play Zelda on my gamecube, and everything else is junk (and for me it's not worth 250 dollars).

I do see future for Kingdom Hearts on PS3, just not now.