First fans to get PS3 are robbed

News is finally circulating that some UK gamers who attended the late night PS3 launch were robbed by petty criminals. Gamers queued for hours to snap up the new Sony PS3 when it was released at midnight last Thursday. Moments later the crooks struck as the first buyers left shops with the coveted gadgets.

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nix4752d ago

when i read the headline first.. i thought they were talking about - Sony robbed the first buyers. i.e. US and Japan buyers! LOL! q:

and oh as for the real news... that's bad!

level 3604752d ago

To Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo plus all the retail shops around the globe, stop this crazy midnight release for all your consoles next time around, it just attracts more crime. You should all realize most of your buyers are at risk once they'ved gone off the shops and into the streets at night... you should all be liable when someone gets hurt or even killed. To all those fanboys out there ( PS3, XBox, Wii... ) it is not a laughing matter.