EXCLUSIVE VIDEO - First look at the Xbox 360 Elite

While everyone else is talking about it and showing grainy camera phone pictures from undisclosed bunkers, figured they go right to the source and get you an exclusive video. They sat down with Albert Penello to get some of your questions answered. Yes, it has HDMI & 120GB hard drive. No, it doesn't have an HD-DVD player. Yes you can still pull audio separate from the HDMI. No, it isn't going to be a limited edition. Watch the video for more info.

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Ps3604204752d ago

LOL good luck with this whole idea. I feel screwed out of my "premium".

shotty4751d ago

why? you got everything as advertised didn't you. Also its not like you are getting all this for the price of a is obviously charging for the difference.

MEGANE4752d ago

They forgot to mention that it is RED RING OF DEATH build in

JOLLY14752d ago

You should try and come up with some original material.

shotty4751d ago

I agree....this joke was so 2006, well it wasnt a joke. It simply like the check engine light in your car.

shikwan4752d ago (Edited 4752d ago )

is on point: You have 3 models to chose from. The Elite is designed for the 'new-to-the-platform' people who've never owned a 360 AND for those who want to d/l more movie/tv content.

Choice at how I connect to my tv.
Choice at how I connect to my stereo.
Choice at how I play my games.
Choice at going online or not.
Choice of free online or premium online services.
Choice at staying within a budget.
Choice at watching HD movies.
Choice at connectivity.

CHOICE. What the competition will NEVER give you.

MEGANE4752d ago

There is 5 ways to connect my PS3 to my tv
n believe me i chose n how to play my games!!
I can setup my online connection auto o manual
N i wonder WTH u do with the free online service on the xbox?
N when u go to ur girlfriend or friend house how do u take those HD movies w/ u? i got blue ray's.

Adriokor4752d ago

"I'm seeing mixed messaging here. Microsoft is saying the Elite package is now its permanent premium Xbox 360 SKU -- the BMW 7 series of the 360 family. So why not include built-in WiFi or -- if they really believe in the format -- HD-DVD playback? It's like getting a 7 Series sedan with a cruddy tape player. But at least the Elite comes with an HDMI cable!" -- Crispin Boyer, Senior Editor, Electronic Gaming Monthly

artman4752d ago

hey, can I get an exchange of my burn-out 360 to the elite??

well I don't see this as BMW 7 series, it's more like hyundai for sure... I don't think BMW will get the ring of death when you drive~
he should shame to bring this as the same class of BMW, I'll never even have problem with my 3 series BMW.
if this is to compare with BMW, then it's not the 7 series, it should the 5 series... so 360 will come out again with wifi & hd-dvd build-in, now that is 7 series dude~

I like the black matte honestly.
$479? no way... i don't think I would like to spent another 360 before it tested. oh btw, BMW doesn't really make any noises...

SmokeyMcBear4751d ago

haha, its all about choices, choose your system, choose to pay outrageous prices for add-ons to get your system up to home entertainment standard, choose to pay to play games online when it should be a free service, choose to wait hours to download a movie thats twice as long to download as to watch it.. while paying for it, choose to be an early adopter of the premium console, only to have a better console with more features introduced 1.5 years after launch, choose to be srewed at every corner by a company that only cares about your wallet, choices choices choices

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The BS Police4752d ago

But I don't need another Xbox 360, Hpwwveer, I thank Microsoft for coming out with a larger HDD, about time.

Adriokor4752d ago

they really need to work on their marketing skills, the vid is lame and so are his arguments justifying the purchase.

Some good info though.

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The story is too old to be commented.