Better Value? Sony's PlayStation 3 or Microsoft's Elite 360

Value is difficult to define. Is Microsoft's just announced Elite 360 a better value than Sony's $599.99 PlayStation 3? It depends on what's inside the box and more importantly what isn't. Below 1UP took everything that's in both boxes and everything that isn't and made all things equal(ish) between both consoles. Who comes out on top?

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Adriokor4761d ago

Something Rational, very good read, please approve it.

dantesparda4760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

Elite 360 $480 |20GB PS3 $500
---------- |---------
360 Console |PS3 Console
120GB HDD |20GB HDD ($66+ for a 100GB HDD)
HDMI wire = Yes |HDMI wire = No ($5+)
Component Video Wire = Yes |Component Video Wire = No
Wireless 13 button Controller |Wireless 13 button Controller
Wire for Recharging = No ($20 more)|Wire for Recharging = Yes
Rumble = Yes |Rumble = No
Motion Sensing = No |Motion Sensing = Yes
USB ports = 3 |USB ports = 4
Wired Headset = Yes |Wired Headset = No
Wireless Headset = No |Wireless Headset = No ($15+)
Backwards Compatibility = Less 50% |Backwards Compatibility = Over 50%
(About 50% for PAL ver. & 90%+ NTSC)
Upscale BC Games = Yes |Upscale BC Games = No (Future, maybe)
Optical Digital = Yes |Optical Digital = Yes
HD video player = No |HD video player = Yes (Blu-Ray)
HD-DVD player = $130-200)
Xbox Live = $40+ |PSN = $0
----------------- ----------------------

$540 total w/play'n'charge |$520+ total w/ HDMI wire
& Xbox Live | & Wireless Headset
$670-740 w/play'n'charge |$588+ w/HDMI wire & Wireless Headset
& Xbox Live & HD-DVD |& 100 GB HDD
Depending on what price you
can get on the HD-DVD

Have i missed anything?

as of 3/28/07 @ 6:45PM EST HDMI Wire Price Bluetooth Wireless Headset 100GB HDD

power of Green 4761d ago

Agreed!. I hope people approve this alsp it would put out 90% of the flaming with all the envyous 360 bashing.

nix4761d ago

it's 1up again.... can't access that site.. keeps saying - can't open page! anyway.. i will do that... here... approved! if it makes anyone happy. q:

techie4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

INteresting...but you either need an hdmi OR component. And you don't need Sony products.

But otherwise they are well matched...but that's the problem. Wasn't the 360's edge? It was cheaper?

If I want wireless and an HDmovie player...which is better value?

That is all...with this the 360 loses its edge.

swordmasterphoen4761d ago

I can't access 1up either. Either way, I don't agree very much with all this new SKU. I mean, the 360 has been out for over a year, if this new model is suppossed to appeal to early adopters and hardcore fans...well, I think those people already bought the console. So all you're doing is make those people buy another console. It's just useless. And another thing, would you call a guy who buys a console after more than 1 year after launch an "early adopter"?.

Anyways, for what's inside the box:
- 360 Elite: ($479.99)
+ Premium package
+ HDMI Cable
+ New 120 Gig HDD (100 more Gigs that premium)

- PS3 - 60 gig: ($599.99)
+ Blu-ray
+ 60 Gig HDD
+ WiFi
+ Everything else that you know it has.

So, which is a better value?. Look at it this way, if you buy the Elite 360, and you also get the HD-DVD add-on for $199.99 you would be paying a total of: $679.98. That means you would be paying $80 more than if you bought a PS3, and the only thing that you get extra is the HDMI cable and 60 more Gigs in the HDD. I got a gold-plated HDMI cable that looks AMAZING on my 1080p TV for...10 bucks. So it all depends, do you wish to go all the way for High-Def?, because if you do; I would suggest you go with the PS3...unless you're really desperate to get yourself a 120 HDD, however in both consoles you can upgrade it yourself, why buy a whole new console for 100 extra Gigs?.

I guess this is just my opinion...

hfaze4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

Don't forget that the PS3 internal hard drive is user upgradeable... I'm running a Hitachi 160GB hard drive in my 60GB model PS3 with no issues.

Not to mention... ~$100 for a bluetooth headset??
Jabra BT350 Bluetooth Headset - Retail
$20.99 /w $4.99 3 day shipping

And personally, I'd rather have a Jabra headset than a Sony/Ericsson headset...

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