Is xbox 360 elite worth it ?

From G4TV:

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MoonDust4751d ago

Sony might drop the price of the PS3? When? In two years. lol.

PSN Starfleets4750d ago (Edited 4750d ago )

Sorry, im just spreading some 360 Elite hate. Hope you gentlemen dont mind..

DIE! DIE!! DIE MS!! *kicks Elite in the power adapter* *screams in pain*

Excuse me for a second..

*goes out to store*.." much do your chainsaw's cost?"

Mr Murda4750d ago

I notice that you always seem to slip in comments that have no relevance to anything, and typically are obscene or angry. Yet, you manage to have 5 bubbles still. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

360 ELITE:

If you're entering the next gen console market then the ELITE may well be worth it. If you're a previous 360 owner, then the HDMI is the only reason.

AllroundGamer4750d ago

if you are a MS employee than yes :)

BIadestarX4750d ago

hate microsoft all you want, but when microsoft releases IPTV and enable NetFlix on the 360. All you microsoft haters will be ctrying like little B!thes. Why? Because Sony has no plans for doing something similar. Digital distribution goes against and hurts blu-ray market penetration. Being able to download any movie including HD movies from home and renting them or buying them anytime you want 24/7 it can't be beaten. Sony comes up with something like this it would hurt blu-ray sells. Yeah, and for those of you that keep saying that it would take too long to download a movie and watch it. Have you try it? Did you know what you only have to wait like 5-10 mins before playing the movie you purchased? Thanks to their compression technology and background downloading it takes a lot less time to download a movie than to go to the video store and get it. And for those that like to have the physical copy of the movie, well I think that where Blu-ray or HD-DVD comes in. but trust me, for rental (which is a bigger market) most people rent movies, they will be more than happy if they can just download it and watch it.

Keyser4750d ago

Bladestar I have a question for you and most people here that believe that blu-ray or dvd for that matter won't be here for 5+ years strong.

How many DVD's do you own?

I have over 200 dvds. (ever growing)

I can't get all of that content on an 360 Super Elite let alone the 120gb coming with the Elite. I can't get it all on my 250gb hard drive. Let's just say they were all in HD format. What size hard drive would I need? How much do you think that'll cost?

I'll ask another question...How many parents do you know who download movies? People over 30? People over 25? (Not just to watch once but to keep) It's not a mainstream practice. People are still buying cd's more than downloading. I believe you're right that one day that will be the way to go but it's not now and probably won't be for some time. (Subjective opinion)

hfaze4750d ago

And that is US House of Representatives bill H.R. 5252. What this does is to eliminate network neutrality for the Internet. Currently, carriers cannot discriminate against traffic coming from any source since the Internet is considered a public network.

What H.R. 5252 does is that it allows carriers to treat their backbone networks as private networks. This opens the door for the carriers to go to a tiered billing scheme, charging more for priority handling of network traffic. You can thank your regional carriers for this.

Which means, that sites like YouTube, Google Video, and Microsoft's IP TV would have to pay the carriers extra due to the bandwidth intensive nature of their traffic. Now, when you start talking about HD movie downloads and streaming, regardless of the compression you use, you're still talking about a LOT of bandwidth...

Sooo... with Net Neutrality up in the air, I'm not sure how feasible the IP TV business plan will end up being... Unless they end up jacking up the price to download/stream the HD content (to recoup the losses they would be taking from increased rates from their bandwidth provider<s>)

Says you4750d ago (Edited 4750d ago )

Your good at it by feeding yourself Godzilla sh1t 247 you would have to be extremely dumb to think that alot of people would need IPTV when they dont. if its similiar to video on demand people would rather have on comcast than just have to buy an XBox 360 elite and waste there money on it.

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