System Comparison of the three Xbox 360 console packages

Gamespot put together a comparison table to show you the differences between all three Xbox 360 console packages.

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Ps3604204755d ago

Need so many things to understand which one to purchase. Kind of funny..

They should release a spreadsheet showing its forecast units sold to go along with the elite since xbots like #'s so much...

LMAO still funny..

BubblesDAVERAGE4755d ago

I wonder when the silver xbox 360 with blu ray is comming out

bootsielon4755d ago

The 60 Gig one with blu-ray built in. Oh wait...

If you get a PS3, chances are you will eventually end up using all of its features, so you pretty much get the most bang for your buck.

slugg4754d ago

IS a smart company, that, like all companies, are out to make money. They are NOT however, trying to rip people off. You don't have to buy an Elite system, but if you have an HDMI equipped HDTV, and plan on downloading lots of HD content, then the Elite is a BARGAIN compared to the PS3. After all, with Sony crowing about the PS3 being the only true, next-gen, hi-def machine, they didn't include component OR an HDMI cable with either version of the PS3, did they? The Elite comes with both... As they have said all along, Microsoft is about choice. You can buy the version of the 360 that meets YOUR needs, and not pay for features you will never use. Some people ask over and over why the 360 didn't come with HDMI to begin with; the question has been answered repeatedly as well: when MS began developing the 260, HDMI was NOT finished or the guaranteed Hi-Def standard, and they said FROM THE BEGINNING that if people wanted it, they could add it in the future. Same for a larger HDD. And finally, the last argument I see people using about a HD-DVD or Blu-Ray drive not being included just makes me laugh. I have personally downloaded TV shows in HD, and HD movies from the Live marketplace, and I gotta say-- why do you need either type of drive? Downloading content, just to watch or to own, is obviously the future, so the larger HDD takes care of the lack of Blu-ray or HD-DVD quite nicely.