PSLS Presents: StormDain Productions

DeAno Jackson at PlayStation LifeStyle writes: "I thought it would be fun if we sometimes would give a nod to other people that are trying to come up in this very competitive industry. People who are doing something and trying to make a name for themselves, just as we once were. And thus was born what I hope to make new feature for the site: PSLS Presents, where we highlight some of the more promising things that people are trying to do in this business.

For this first feature, some backstory is required. Recently, I took back to Hollywood Video my rented copy of Get Smart (which was a hilarious movie, BTW), and ended up talking to another customer about movies and games. Turned into a 3 hour discussion, and over the course of that he mentioned to me he does humorous game reviews on YouTube. I asked him to write down the URL, and promised I'd check it out.

I was VERY impressed. This is his Resident Evil 5 review, which I absolutely loved."

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LinuxGuru4473d ago

HAHA! He's got some style, for sure. I like it.

El_Colombiano4473d ago

Hahahaha! I want more of this guys reviews!

-EvoAnubis-4473d ago

Then you should certainly subscribe to his page and leave a comment telling him PSLS sent you.