Big Download Interview: Stardock CEO Brad Wardell gives an update on Demigod's post-release

Last month Stardock released Demigod, the highly anticipated multiplayer oriented RTS game from developer Gas Powered Games. It was a game that most everyone before its release though would be a slam dunk for success. Indeed reviews of the title have said the core gameplay is a lot of fun.

However no one anticipated that the multiplayer network set up for Demigod would turn out to be the game's Achilles heel. Thanks to a combination of factors, including an early release by the retailer Gamestop, tons of pirated copies trying to sign onto the game's multiplayer servers and issues with the network itself have kept the game from being the big multiplayer success that many thought it would be. Indeed, over two weeks after its release (three weeks if you count the early Gamestop leak) Stardock are still trying to correct issues in the multiplayer network.

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