Not your usual word-puzzle game: Scribblenauts

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced it will be publishing game developer 5TH Cell Media's next DS adventure with drawing. Scribblenauts is a unique DS puzzle game from 5TH Cell Media, built upon their experience from games such as Drawn to Life and Lock's Quest. It's described as a "sandbox style game for all-age fun with two styles of gameplay and more than 200 levels." Come up with a word for an object, which in turn makes it appear for you to use. Your goal is get a "starite" (star) using your own unique solution. The game trailer on this page shows it best.

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GVON5557d ago

Can't wait,looks like it will be fun.

Here's the IGN preview if you missed it a few months ago


Brock_Lee5557d ago

i'll buy it. I'll have to dust my DS first. Hasn't been used in months!


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2714d ago

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DualWielding3035d ago

the problem of scribblenauts is that it just couldn't work on Playstation/Xbox... Nintendo, PC and Mobile was not enough to support the franchise

grashopper3035d ago

Why wouldn't it? Think it would work great with the PlayStation second screen app. Doesn't Xbox have something similar too? Use the phone or tablet to type and the controller to play.

CorndogBurglar3035d ago

I'm not real sure a 2nd screen is even necessary. I've only played the DC Comics one, but they could have easily mapped all of the buttons from the touch screen to a controller to pull up the menus.....