Developers predict what will be in GTA4

It seems like ages since the last Grand Theft Auto was released, but finally we're just a few short days away from the unveiling of the "fourth" in the series. Sure, Vice City and San Andreas were GTA games, and great ones at that, but not since 2001 has a new entry bore a number in its title. For this latest to be called Grand Theft Auto 4, obviously, the game must be a completely new take on the series... right? Rather than speculate ourselves, 1UP decided to give a handful of developers a forum to share their opinions on what we might see from GTA4, and more precisely, what they'd like to see from the first next-gen 'Auto.

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Bill Nye4752d ago

How is this a preview again?

MoonDust4752d ago (Edited 4752d ago )

Didn't 1up say something like that...
BTW: This is just a bunch of suggestions/predictions.

TheExecutive4752d ago

Why is 1up calling this a preview? I am really starting to dislike that site...