Gamepro Interview: Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, Defends the PS3

In depth interview with the man behind the PlayStation 3. Jack speaks and we listen. Read how Sony is in the fight of its life with PS3.

The criticism Jack Tretton says is unfounded. "The thing that frustrates me is that there is a whole different level of gaming fans who are haters... I'm not saying the PS3 launch was perfect, but let's try to be a little objective here." Tretton is the president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America. And he would rather focus on what's going right with the PS3 launch. "We're very pleased with how things are going. It's very much according to plan. The next stage is to crank up production and get millions of units to Europe and Japan."

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goldy4752d ago

Check out the last page, and see how Tretton turns the tide on the writer. I think a lot of that stems from the Kotaku debacle.

D3acon4752d ago

Great interview I understand completly what he's saying about the ps3 and the gaming industry.

DaTrooF4752d ago

i still dont see why people are trippin....i think the ps3 is doing better then ok,it just needs sometimes to stretch its wings....if you guys are not lazy ya can go back and read a little thru history and see how much the 360 was critisixed and how the ps2 was critisized when they first came.

I'm not saying that its impossible for a console to have a great start i'm just sayin that....a console is kinda like a baby,they dont usually start to walk as soon as they come out it takes times.....ever since capcom said that DMC4 was goin multi. everybody thinks the ps3 is dead.

they also think it might loosse MGS4 and FF13.many people are even saying that if sony looses this exclusives they are dead.well i think you guys are dead wrong.

before you guys decide on a winner at least lokk at whats coming in the future.

i'm sure that by the time MGS4 comes out their dhould be enough systems out there to make it profit out of.

P.S. have any of you guys heard any news on wardevil,metroid prime,eight days,and the new eye toy?

spacetoilet4752d ago

Just watch. Allot of them will show up here soon. (see below)
Ok, x-girlz! GO! GO! GO! Post that negative b$!

Adriokor4752d ago

My favorite part was: And we could have said "we were successful there, so let's do a [PlayStation 1.5] and see if we can milk this audience a little bit longer."

BBsin4752d ago

AKA. the nintendo Wii. If Sony were to do the PS2.5 then i'm pretty sure critics and fanboys all over would still complain that the graphics isn't good enough. Lose, Lose situation for sony through the critics, sound pretty unfair to me.