Two Big Microsoft annoucements breaking tonight and tomorrow night

So a little birdie just informed me of a hot new scoop. You know there's a Microsoft announcement expected sometime tommorrow right? Well not only will there be one, looks like MS are going to throw in two just for good measure. reports:
Two of the coolest Microsoft annoubreaking tonight and tomorrow nightcements since CES are going to be breaking tonight and tomorrow night, and we have exclusive video for both of them. So if you are online at 9:00PM PST tonight (midnight on the east coast) check in to get a full scoop on what your friends will be talking about tomorrow.

Wonder what it's going to be?


As expected the Xbox 360 Elite was the first announcement. But what could the next one be?

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blooodFrenzy925235d ago

ohh wouldnt that be great ff13 and mgs on xbox

eques judicii5235d ago

yea that would be a huge upset and would never happen... microsoft would have to effectively buy square and konami for that to happen, which i doubt has/will ever happen. I think its maybe Cry-On and whatever Peter Jackson has been working on

shotty5235d ago

I dont want the ps3 to "rip", just for sont to get a wake up call. I doubt any of the 3 are going anywhere. Microsoft tasting success, sony had it twice and assumed they would just get it. And nintenodo, well they have the pot right now.

techie5235d ago

Microsoft are not allowed to announce that. If they did they would get in a huge legal battle - one in which they would lose.

zantetsuken5235d ago

Keep dreaming. With PS3 selling over 600K in the UK, it's evident games like MGS4 will push units. PS3 exclusive it will remain.

MikeMichaels5235d ago (Edited 5235d ago )

1. XboxLive Neighborhoods.

2. MS Game Studio's Big Little Planet!!!


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OC_MurphysLaw5235d ago

the statement said 2 exclusives...I am assuming they mean MS exclusives.

Bill Nye5235d ago (Edited 5235d ago )

"Two of the coolest Microsoft annoucements since CES are going to be breaking tonight and tomorrow night, and we have _exclusive video_ for both of them."

By "exclusives" they mean their own exclusive video of the announcements. Also, we don't even know if this has ANYTHING to do with videogames.

In fact, now I don't even know why I clicked "Approve". Stupid me.

MySwordIsHeavenly5235d ago

This is so misleading.

They said EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! Nothing about exclusive games...

where is everyone getting the exclusive thing?

techie5235d ago

PS. might be nothing to do with the 360.

kewlkat0075235d ago (Edited 5235d ago )

It might be about the Netflix deal.. and some other things, then again it might be squat.