AGE Keen on 360, Wii; PS3 Not So Much

Another games analyst entered the fray today-A.G. Edwards' Bill Kreher. In this Next-Gen interview, he pegs the Xbox 360 to lead the US market through 2009 with 38 percent market share, followed by the Wii and PS3 with 34 and 28 percent respectively. But Sony says "Not so fast."

Kreher said in a phone interview with Next-Gen, "Basically the 360 had the first-mover advantage, so they already had 5 million units in US households before the PS3 and Wii launched. That's a lot of the reason why I think they'll end up winning."

He added that Xbox Live and its 6 million users have a lot to do with his projections. "Live's been a huge bonus for them," he said.

But doesn't Sony have a little something called PlayStation Home that is expected to go toe-to-toe with Xbox Live in October? Kreher said that although Home's concepts are attractive to more casual gamers, it won't be enough to sway them to spend $500-$600 on the console.

"The trick here is that the popularity of these online features depends on people," Kreher said. "It's great that Sony is going to have this service, but the reason Xbox Live is so popular is because you have 6 million-plus people on this thing. If the people don't come, it doesn't matter how great the service is."

Kreher made it clear that he believes Sony has to change its strategy if it wants to capture a larger chunk of US market share, and it goes beyond a strong online component.

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Babylonian4753d ago

I do feel pursuaded to get a Xbox "Elite". It includes an HDMI and a 120 HDD, now does that sway me to purchase the new "elite" for 470?

I then rather have the PS3 with the nice features for 500-600.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4753d ago

Nice way to base your opinion.

His reasoning is MS is on top right now.
that`s solid.

what a joke.

BIadestarX4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

Yeah let's burn the guy for basing his reasoning in facts. Basing his projection on actual numbers suchs as what microsoft is doing now. This guys is a joke for that. Instead lets continue to praise Sony was some of you fanboys keep doing and predicting that they will dominate the market uhhhh lets see... becase they are SONY, because the PS2 dominated last gen, because Sony may come up with something that will beat xbox live, because Sony may come up with some AAA game that will destroy anything title that can possibly be developed for the 360. And for all the other promises Sony is making. Yeah, let's not consider what's happening now, only what Sony is telling you they will do.

And that's not a joke?

Edit: You know what pisses you up? The fact that the new SKU will have HDMI just as the PS3, a 120GB HDD (2X More than Sony's $600 SKU and 6X more than Sony's $500) yet it will cost less than the 20GB SKU. You are also pissed that xbox 360 users will have a great service now that microsoft is joining forces with NetFlix and will bring IPTV while you are not get $h!t in those departments. You are also pissed Sony is losing all their exclusives. That's why you Sony fan girls are so pissed with this new SKU. Because now Sony have nothing against the xbox 360. They can't say "We have HDMI and the 360 don't" As matter of fact the simple fact that Sony responded so quick to Microsoft new SKU is prove they are really thinking about what bull crap they will have to come up in order to convince people their console have more value.
What else can you say about this? Your arguments are predictable; seriously you all sound like broken radio, "XBox owners are getting screw, Sony rules, uhhh" As predictable as knowing that $h!t stinks.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

Yeah let`s base everything of what`s happened so far.

Let`s base everything off of where the dreamcast stood against the ps2 at this point in their console race.

and as for the new elite/suckamachine "redesign" is nothin more than a "Do over"
they wouldn`t make another if they felt secure in their future.

Use your brain.

xfrgtr4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

for 120 more box I have a ps3 with hdmi,wifi,free online,60GIG and,very good news, a BLURAY player(worth a 1000dol),yeaaaahhhh!!!Poor 360 is just a ps3 wanna be.360 Elite further validates the PS3 business model, which [Microsoft] criticized at launch

brianodom4753d ago

peeps gonna sweep this thing up left and right, 499 for ps3 ...the reason i know peeps want it is because my co-worker just sold me his xbox 360 for 150.00 towards a ps3..ha

anthonsh4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

He's right. I really LOVE my Wii, and at the same time... Home sounds really neat. Not neat enough to sell the console though, even at 499.

When push comes to shove, Home is one of those things that makes you go "WOW!"... But then you think about it for a second, and realize it isnt as great as the idea, and it never can be.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4753d ago

I sold mine too.
It broke twice.

360 is louder than hell.
ps3 is silent.

ArmrdChaos4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

that if this was a pro Sony article, their corporate cheerleaders would be in here beating their chests shouting the usual 12 year old clichés "So PWNED". The fact of the matter is this is yet ANOTHER opinion blog by ANOTHER individual who claims to see the future. I don't care if they're Analysts or Developers...not a single one of their opinions matters. The only opinions that will matter will be the consumers. As of right now the consumers say the 360 is the leader...fact. You can pose all the "just you wait" arguments you want, but in the end it is nothing more meaningless noise cluttering this site. It would be nice for everyone to shut the hell up and just let the numbers speak for themselves...enough with this flamebait already...this site is about as respectable as the Enquirer:

MySwordIsHeavenly4753d ago

Dude...there's people like that on both sides.

I'm not waiting either armrdchaos...the PS3 is freakin' AWESOME NOW! I did like ur opinions though. They stood out and showed me that some people DO care about the future of gaming.


I just think the PS3 will win because of the game line-up, Home, free online service that's catching up to Live very quickly, and yeah...the game line-up...again.

The PS2 had a lot of catching up to do with the Dreamcast...

If the 360 takes the'll be because of hype...not actual gamers. Halo sold the xbox...and Halo was WAY outdated when it came out. It had already been done before on PC!

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