New stream processing platform, ATI GPUs and Cell recommended

Redwood City (CA) – Building a supercomputer has become a whole lot easier with stream processing solutions such as Peakstream or Nvidia's CUDA technology. Peakstream today announced a new version of its application interface, which enables developers to take advantage of the floating point horsepower of graphics cards under Windows.

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Armyless4753d ago

If you put a Cell processor in a Windows box would the universe collapse on itself?

OldSchoolGamer4752d ago

Article recommends "The application interface and virtual machine handles work scheduling and memory management and a way for programmers to easily access a combined system of processors - such as x86 or Cell chips - and graphics cards. According to Peakstream, the system requires only a "minimal learning curve." The company recommends ATI graphics processors"

It recommends ATI but not the cell. Said either the x86 or cell. x86 is your mainstream processors.