Who Will Have the Best E3 Showing?

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PSP24476d ago

sony won last year so its time for microsoft and nintendo to bring the big guns this year

Jamegohanssj54476d ago

PSP GO!, Team ICO, God of War, Heavy Rain, LBPSP, MAG, and price drop. Now you tell me who wins. Ask Anthony Sev.


Smacktard4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

Nobody won last year. They all lost. I think that Microsoft and Nintendo lost the most, but if you consider that a win for Sony, that's like saying you'd be proud to get second place in a competition to see how can lose the most.

As for who the winner will be... I'm gonna say, definitely not Microsoft, right off the bat. I like hearing news of new exclusives. So whoever has the most interesting new exclusives announced should probably be the winner. I think Nintendo learned from last year, but I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled off something similar.

CaseyRyback_CPO4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

1. Big annoucnements
- MS won e3 with FF13 coming in 2010, and not in japan.
+ Lips
+ You're In the Movies(yeah this was their e3 showing)

2. Games
- Sony won with its actual game lineup.

I predict MS will buy another multiplatform Playstation Related product, and win the "showing", but it wont have any titles to offer that are going to hit this year. Its not going to win with anything they've produced themselves as in a new exclusive Ip. We can keep up the hope for the usual e3 games mentioned every day.. alan wake,huxley,forza,splinter,pet er jacksons halo project. My gut feeling is that they are going to have a big announcement of a title that isn't on the PS3 yet, but on the PC/360. Or as G4TV calls it "multiplatform". I don't think they are capable of developing an announcement themselves, as previous e3's have shown.

Its just a shame sole 360 owners have to wait until the end of the year for games. Is 2008 all over.

Aquanox4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

Microsoft stole the show last year with the FFXIII announcement.

This year, they are in the best position to make a great E3 just because the expectative for their titles is much bigger. Virtually nothing has been seen about their lineup for the rest of 2009, so everything will come as a surprise which, if well handled, could result in a show full of vibrant moments.

The titles that would grant them the best E3 so far could be:

For 2009:

- Alan Wake FULL, Gameplay, Unveiling.
- Splinter Cell ConViction.
- Halo 3 ODST, with innovations in Gameplay and improved visuals.
- Forza Motorsport 3 - Virtually a given now.
- RARE Game.
- GTA IV - Second Exclusive Chapter.

For early 2010:

* Lost Planet 2
* Mass Effect 2

* Possibly, an announcement related to MGS.

It would be impossible to beat that, and most importantly, they have all chances to do exactly that since all those titles are in the window of this E3 and next year's.

morganfell4476d ago

Slick maneuvering aside, the people that bring the most exclusives to the table get an automatic one up on everyone else. There is no doubt that is Sony with it's large number of first party studios. On top of that we will likely see several 3rd party console exclusives. None will likely have a bigger impact than the mystery Rockstar exclusive for the PS3. Advantage? Sony.

Sony and Nintendo are already ahead due to having more than one console on the market. The PSP is having and is heading for a great year. The device has shown it can best the DS in certain markets even taking out the top consoles. With Tekken 6 and Soul Caliber heading to the PSP they have a tough hand to beat. Advantage? Sony.

Possible price drops on the table, none will make a bigger impact with the press and public than the PS3 dropping by $100. Advantage? Sony.

Max Power4476d ago

MGS= Microsoft Game Studios or MGS= Metal Gear Solid?

4476d ago
Unicron4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

I don't understand this winning/losing crap.If anything I think the only measurement is a level of personal excitement or disappointment. For instance, being a PS3 owner, the news of FFXIII going multiplatform changed absolutely NOTHING for me and didn't sway me into buying a 360. Sure, it's a "megabomb" or some other media term, but I don't work at Sony or MS, that's their problem.

Hell, we aren't even getting the game until NEXT winter, so that will be 2 years since the announcement even happened, big deal. How is that a victory? At the same time, Nintendo did nothing to make me dust off the Wii really (Kid Icarus? Star Fox?). Sony? All I remember is a GoW teaser (meh, new trailer was better), a cool LBP showing, no price cut, and the I couldn't care less MAG... I'm entirely FPSed out and more players I think is a big mistake.

At the same time, I can't picture someone who owns only a 360 and is majorly excited about Alan Wake giving a damn about a possible new Twisted Metal.

We should just hope every company has some awesome new titles revealed for gamers everywhere. Getting sucked into the media BS of "who won" is freaking stupid, please stop to think about that. If MS announced Alan Wake, Mass Effect 2, and shows of Halo ODST... and Sony announced Twisted Metal, Gran Turismo 5, and GoW3, and Nintendo shows off a new Mario, Zelda, and Pikmin... you'll STILL have idiot blogging sites and editorials about "who won." Tell me how you properly measure that, please?

sakuragi4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

Microsoft stole the show with FF13 coming to Xbox 360? So announcing a multiplatform game in e3 constitute a win for Microsoft now? Talk about low standards lol. Its still coming to the PS3 AND its still exclusive to PS3 in Japan where it actually counts. PLus, ff13 versus is also exclusive.

ShabzS4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

who brings the exciting exclusives to the table... sony looks pretty much set... though i'm hoping a good e3 from microsoft as well cant wait to play splinter cell, odst and check the new lionhead ip

and finally some gameplay footage for MAX PAYNE 3

Sunny_D4476d ago

I smell FLAMEBAIT! Besides Everyone is going to say their favorite console manufacturer is going to win. Microsoft fans(EX:Aquanox)will say Microsoft will win. Sony fans(EX:Morganfell)will say Sony will win. Nintendo fans(EX:uhhh Steven Colbert from the Open Zone)will say that Nintendo will win. So its all FlameBait.

CaseyRyback_CPO4476d ago

and the list of titles that are always rumored to be at forgot huxley & warhounds though.

its like you read my post.. and re-posted what i just said.

Thats classic.

Tony P4476d ago

I just want quality exclusive titles for every platform I own.

Freak of Nature4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

Who will have the best showing.....???

Well that depends on who you are asking. If it's a PS3 only owner,whom do you think they will say LOL...Same goes for Microsoft and Nintendo. Most of the 1 only system owners will never "want to admit" that their lone system will not be the winner.They do not want to know that their is any possibility of "other great" games on another system because they dont want to miss out on them...A very narrowminded mentality,and a unrealistic one...

Now if you ask a PS360 owner for example,you might get a more "honest opinion",but even then,it depends on individual taste.

Being a PS360 owner I can give mine....And yet it's also just another "individual opinion",a taste thing...

As of now the PS3 looks very promising,with games like Uncharted 2,GOW3,R&C ACIT,Heavy rain,Mag,GT5.Plus with more chances of new announcements from studios like SONY Cambridge and Jaffe's new game,Team ICO's next masterpiece,and how about Kojima's next game?......

Some new unveilings in more detail of games like Quantum theory,and Wardevil to name a few off of the top of my head...How about more from Media molecule,a new Ip and or more DLC for LBP,and Insomniac could surprise with an all new IP,perhaps that rumored act/RPG platformer(would'nt that be fantastic),and what of that mysterious game the BBC reporter raved about?And who knows what other surprises lurk behind those closed doors at E3....One thing is for sure,PS3 IMO,will have an incredible showing...Their is no lose in what they are about to show...

The X360 also has promise,not as many "sure fire" triple A juggernauts at this time,and point out,"at this time".But that can change on a dime...
ODST,Forza 3,Lionhead game or two,rare game or three,will it be KI 3,PD2,kameo 2,or a new HD CONKER done with all of this gens trimmings,a new rare IP.or will we get casual gaming stuffed into our faces? .....Splinter cell next game in the series.Question marks on some of these still,but the potential is there.

Then come games like the new "EPIC" game,what exactly will this be? and when will it release,will it even be exclusive to the 360?. Will Lost planet 2 be exclusive or timed? How about mass effect 2? will it remain exclusive? Will MGS 4 come to the X360 with added content? Could happen....

Allan wake can really propel the X360 lineup in a heartbeat,will it show,when will it release? Will Peter Jackson's halo Chronicles rise from the ashes? They were still hiring in 08',If so,that will be a major announcement.X360 I believe will not go down without a fight,and come up looking good.

How about Kingdom hearts 3,will it be multi-plat? Or will it be a timed exclusive for someone.Or dare I say it,an exclusive for either the PS3 or X360...

How about these new fangled motion controller rumors...?

All this and what about the multi-plats? They look quite impressive. Beyond good and evil 2, Assassins creed 2, Dark void, Borderlands, Dead rising 2, Bioshock 2, Rage, Brutal legend, Dirt 2,Bizarre's new racer "BLUR", CODMF2, to name the ones off of the top of my head....

Lots of speculation and questions still.Until E3 is in our rear view mirror no one can tell just who will have the better showing.And again it's all about taste from that point...My money is on both of them coming up "golden",I really believe that if you are lucky enough to own both system's it's a win-win situation,thats who I think wins......

Jamegohanssj54476d ago

Lol SunnyD, it made me laugh when you had to say uhhh to find a Nintendo fan.


OmarJA4476d ago

With Uncharted 2, M.A.G., God of War III, White Knight Chronicles & Heavy Rain has been confirmed to come plus new surprises, Sony already won E3 this year...

- Ghost of Sparta -4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

Whoever shows the most 1st party exclusives will "win" at E3. In other words, Sony.

BenCrazy4244476d ago

Last years E3 I would call a tie between 360 and ps3 with the wii not being anywhere close. This year I expect the ps3 to get the most attention because of all the new games coming out and the new version of the psp. After that a close second for microsoft. then the wii not even being on the maps for the third time in a row.

PyReX-4476d ago

If microsoft announces that live will be free, then they'll win, but until then they will lose evryone of them

pixelsword4475d ago (Edited 4475d ago )

- MS won if you consider bomb-dropping (FF XIII)

- Sony won if you consider line-up strength and showing (see 2008, Killzone 2 trailer)

Nintendo didn't win at all. They apologized about their E3 showing, so if anyone wants to argue otherwise, explain how Nintendo had to apologize.

BattleAxe4475d ago

Heres the real deal.......

MS has nothing to compete with - God of War 3
- Heavy Rain
- Uncharted 2
- Rockstar Exclusive
- PS3 " Wiimote "

Nobody cares about Lost Planet 2 and realy, who even cares about Alan Wake anymore. Alan Wake is going to be outdated by the time it comes out, if it ever comes out.

XBOX 360 line-up = SAD

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Spike474476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

IMO, the company that shows off their games and announces even more is the clear winner.

In that case, it will be between MS and Sony, and I think it will be a tie.

PSP24476d ago

also this e3 for sony will be largely focused on the psp and since microsoft dont have a portable gaming platform they lose by default.maybe microsoft will announce zune hd as an iPhone contender but i think it'll just release and fail like the regular zune

Raoh4476d ago

as long as they are good i really dont care who has the best. we sort of already know most of the titles to be shown and i'm excited for quite a few of them. looking forward to some suprises.

I own a PS3 and a 360. So I win either way.