$50 gift card with a Xbox 360 purchase

In an act of undercover retail leakage (no, not that kind of leakage) DigitalSomething posted scans of next Sunday's Toys R Us ad. And after Xbox 360 Fanboy dot com went through their images they noticed a pretty cool Xbox 360 offer. Beginning April 1st at Toys R Us you can grab a free $50 gift card with any Xbox 360 console purchase. Not too shabby of a deal especially if you're looking to buy a specific game or peripheral that isn't included in the various bundle offers.

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gta_cb5234d ago (Edited 5234d ago )

it isnt a bad deal, great way to choose a game hehe :P

p.s. does anyone know what time XBoxLIVE comes back online? i thought they said 10pm (UK time) and its now 12.41 (UK time) :(

gogators5234d ago

9pm pacific time here in the US. So, what around 6 am UK time. Toys r' us had a better deal at Christmas time last year with a 100 dollar gift card included. Just suggests that MS needs a price drop.

kcdude5234d ago

They should have offered a free game of the buyers choosing. There would not be as much of a profit loss on the console and I'm sure they could spare the disk.

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