AG Edwards: Wii To Top 2007 Sales, X360 To Win Cycle

In initiating its coverage of the games industry, investment and analysis group AG Edwards has said it sees aging markets, female gamer growth and youth population growth to add as much as $5 bil annually by 2009, and predicts the Wii will win the 2007 next-gen battle.

Its first report released to investors, "It's Time to Get in the Game... Initiating Interactive Entertainment at Over-Weight," claims that the games industry is "well positioned for above average long term growth."

Apart from an expected 39 percent retail sales growth in 2007, consisting of 73 percent growth in hardware and 18 in software, Edwards also expects that the changing demographics of gaming will bring in as much as $5 billion annually by 2009.

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scarlett_rg4762d ago

That sounds about right to me. (I'm sure we'll hear otherwise from numerous people though.)

What I think we can ALL agree on is that Sony will unfortunately (or fortunately) not be the Behemoth it was in the past.

fury4762d ago

...of all those analysts who mean they could predict the future. Just wait and see what the future will bring us.