HDMI 1.3 Finalized, PlayStation 3 Support

If you've been following HDTV, Blu-ray / HD-DVD, or the next-gen consoles like the PS3, you're sure to at least have some familiarity with HDMI-it's the high-end digital connection standard (basically a wire) that connects High-def sources to HDTVs. HDMI is superior to component (green, blue, red) connections in that it is digital, rather than analog, and it's better than DVI because it can also carry audio information. It's also critical to HDCP "protected-pathway" next-gen copy-protection.

Why read a story about a wire that's already all over the place, you ask? Because the new update (1.3) finally adds the features that many manufacturers have been waiting for. At long last, the seven-company consortium that developed the HDMI standard announced that they have finalized the newest version. The upgrade changes a fair number of HDMI's capabilities, and will affect the PS3 as well.

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TheMART5464d ago

"But here's the rub: current HDTV sources are all either 720p or 1080i. There is no 1080p source material available to the consumer. Those new displays will internally convert both of the available resolutions to 1080p to match their pixel structure. This isn't a bad thing. Most of today's high-definition digital displays are 720p or near it, and the finer pixel structure in those new 1080p displays will smooth out the image and minimize the visibility of the pixel grid—the so-called "screen-door" effect.

But upconverted material is not the same as material that is produced in 1080p and maintained at that resolution all the way to the display. Just how much benefit that might bring is hard to say, since most of us have little or no experience with native 1080p material. There has been a lot of talk about the possibility that the high-definition optical-disc formats, particularly Blu-ray with its huge data capacity, might offer 1080p (specifically 1080p at 24fps, otherwise known as 1080p/24), but there have been no announcements to date confirming any such thing.

So when a salesperson tells you all about the mind-blowing benefits of that new 1080p rear-projection set, keep the drooling to a minimum."

And that's what mostly will happen 720p games and video material that's upscaled. Is anyone waiting for those kind of marketingtricks? I don't think so

FamoAmo5464d ago

Chill bro!! This is good news for the ps3!! I wish the 360 had HDMI!! To really tell a difference you need a 42" or bigger TV!! Its not a huge dufference but noticable.. Does anyone know what hdmi does as far as sound??

TheMART5464d ago

Yep, actually it does. The article is about the upgrading of roughly said 5 Gbps to 10 Gbps. That equals 1.5 GB p/s. Which could do the 1080p @ 24 FPS for movies.

For sound just google it. It's all over the web.
Question stays if this HDMI 1.3 is nescessary because no one owns a 1080p native TV and/or will in the next 3 to 5 years because of the high price (it'll stay high compared to 720p HDTV's)

andy capps5464d ago

I believe that HDMI 1.3 will be able to support DTS-HD and Dolby-HD. These are supposed to be "loss-less" formats, therefore better than the current Dolby Digital and DTS (which both sound great to me). And it should look better than analog connections (the average person may not be able to tell too much of a difference until the studios move beyond 16 bit).

All in all this is good news, how relevant it is in the next year is probably nil, but in several years these features should be much more accepted.

Shake5464d ago

Hey,Can anyone explain when you have HDMI how does it look better?clear or crystal clear!!=)

THELANDSOFSAND5464d ago (Edited 5464d ago )

but are developers really going to incorporate these new features into PS3 games? isn't this a little late, at least for launch titles?

and is this BC with all HDMI inputs?

TheMART5464d ago

This is only really important for movies I think. If the BR format will become standard at least...

Furthermore, for games, only GT has been confirmed in 1080p as far as I've read it. For the rest all games will be in 720p. Just because people only own and will own a 720p native HDTV now and the coming years.

Furthermore, the GPU doesn't have enough bandwith to display the more complex games. In real life: you will see 720p games for 98%. The remaining 2% will be 1080i and 1080p. Don't hold your breath for it though.

It's about the same as the original XBOX, which did 480p in general, some games in 720p (the ones that were less complex) and some in 1080i. The PS2 did all games in 480i and a couple (like GT4) in 1080i. But Progressed/p is always better then Interlaced/i. Just because the screens of a computergame is changing so fast

AuburnTiger5464d ago

Sorry Mart, i believe the max resolution attempted by the ps2 480p.

TheMART5464d ago

Nope, you are wrong. Google it! GT4 is in 1080i @ PS2

dfb19775464d ago (Edited 5464d ago )

I have my 360 hooked up with the component cable to a 42" LCD setup at 1080i and it looks awesome, level of detail is great. Do we really need it to look any better?

DG5464d ago

My Cable HD box shows in 1080i and the world cup games look better than real life. My 360 (hooked up with the same type of cables and set up to 1080i) does not come close to matching what my HD box displays.

So yes we do!

TheMART5464d ago

I would stick to 720p.

Thats 1280 x 720 progressive scan.

Most HDTV's cannot display above this resolution or 1388 x 768 or something like that. So all above will be downscaled. Furthermore, 1080i means interlaced. It changes lines which are actually graphically from a less resolution than 720p so fast after each other that your eyes are tricked. If screens change really fast 1080i will be terrible for sure. Most HDTV's will even give a worse screen then in 720p.

Let alone not to talk about 1080p that's completely unnescessary

DG5464d ago

I will admit that when there is action on the screen it does blur. Hopefully 1080p will solve that. And thats why I want HDMI and PS3. But the colours are amazing.

TheMART5464d ago

Well only the 1080p source won't change that. You have to change your 720p native screen also to a 1080p native HDTV.

Which costs at least 4.000 dollars at the moment. By the way: there's only ONE 1080p game for the PS produced at this time. Rest will be 720p.

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