Sony Responds to Impending Xbox 360 Elite Announcement

With Microsoft's announcement of the HDMI-enbled Xbox 360 Elite coming tomorrow, Sony has wasted absolutely no time in responding. Says Peter Dille, senior VP of marketing:

"We think every PlayStation 3 owner should have an "elite" experience, which is why we include an internal hard drive and HDMI output in every PS3 we sell, along with the 50 GB of storage capacity on a high definition Blu-ray disc. Sony has been the strongest advocate of high definition as the future of next-generation gaming. This requires high-definition components, including HDMI output, and large storage devices to deliver and store all that rich and vivid HD content. Microsoft's announcement today not only legitimizes Sony's PS3 strategy, it moves us closer to adopting universal standards in the area of high definition gaming that will benefit game developers and ultimately the end user.

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techie4753d ago (Edited 4752d ago )

lol **edit***What I was laughing at was Sony already jumping on Microsoft and making puns like "we like to offer an elite experience from the begining" if you don't think that's funny then ok. I like watching the battle between the two companies and what they b*tch about each other. SOme of you guys need to lighten up.

The console war is for Microsoft and Sony. We can sit back and watch enjoying our games and laugh at them fighting it the end producing better gaming consoles and services for us.

consolewar4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

this was a mistake on Microsoft's part. Where are you Mart & company?
Maybe this week will belong to the Sony camp.

Texas GMR4753d ago (Edited 4752d ago )

...look at all the Sony fanboys go'n crazy over this!
Go ahead and lash out, we understand, all you guys have had since the PS3 launch is bad news. Catch up! Please! We just have better options than you, that's all. (at a cheaper price)

Sorry about that deepbrown, it was directed to the people below, not to you.

MikeMichaels4752d ago (Edited 4752d ago )

Thats one "very" slick, well worded press release right there. Pushed all the right buttons but never crosses that line.

...Hell, he even throws a smooth backhanded compliment at MS for helping them (and the industry) in "..adopting universal standards in the area of high definition gaming that will benefit game developers and ultimately the end user"

MrFurious4752d ago

He has got the right words, perfect answer and just saying the truth: M$ recognizes their late position in HD, by just trying to copy their leader...Sony.
M$, as an american company is always using unfair and aggressive marketing tools against their feared rival Sony , these practices become really boring and people now understand that marketing is not making the hardware best, but games do.

kring4752d ago (Edited 4752d ago )

After reading that stupid PR I said the exact same thing you did... Who falls for Sony's bullshiz?

If I had any power in Sony I'd fire them all, these people don't know how to speak to the public at all, we're not idiots, who buys that crap! we think every Ps3 owner should have an elite experience.. Man heads should roll on that comment.

Your Fired for talking to our customers like they are retadz!

Reminds me of how these whores we have to call flight attendants speak to the customers. loud and clear go f your self sir, no peanuts for you , but they do it with that fake smile and hide behind the power they have been given which prevents you from slapping that grin off their face.

zantetsuken4752d ago

This is war isn't just for MS and Sony. It deeply effects the consumer. It will result in exclusives, next-gen HD format, online pricing, and much more.

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ps3gogetitt4753d ago

and sony lets not forget A HIGH DEF CABLE PACKAGE!!!!!! you rob me you you you, robbers

Bleyd4752d ago

I don't get your reference to the high def cable package. Explain it to me real quick?

Sphinx4753d ago

MS is about giving the consumer choice. Not everyone will have a need for HDMI or HDD. Why pay for something if you don't need it? For example, I will never buy a box of tampons. Why? Because I'll never need them... but what if I have a reason for it in the future (i.e. I grow a mangina)? I can go out and buy some then.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4753d ago

keep tellin yourself that.
it won`t make your system any better.

buy the next 360.
cause you got ripped on the 1st

kingboy4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

Did microsoft give you choice when she [email protected] original xbox 1 owners by ending game support? Just accept they`re playing catch up ..You can`t fool sony fans my dear,microsoft [email protected] them over so they go run precipitating onto a new system .we all know why xbox 360 sold 9 million(broken consoles resulting in double purchase and now a new elite version within a year screwing them even more}

AseBoogie41324753d ago

you wont buy tampons cuz u'll never have a girl..

n4g sucks4753d ago

preach!! they still make dreamcast games, but not xbox.hahahahahaha

BubblesDAVERAGE4752d ago

U Xbotzxs are full of this crap who doesnt want a HDD who dosent want to go online...why not have HDmI...U are full of it....Just like games for windows...u have to get vista right...I want to play online for free thats a choice y cant u do that free on xbox....Y I always gotta buy something extra to do something else ....huh????

InMyOpinion4752d ago

I just wanted the best console for games and got it. Don't care about Bluray (bend over, please) or HDMI and I don't want to pay for something I won't use. I don't see the point in spending twice the amount of money (that's the price of the Ps3 compared to the 360 premium in Sweden) to be forcefed an "elite experience" that won't do anything for me or my gaming experience (HDMI but no cables, time to bend over again!). The 360 premium has everything I could ask for.

It's like you're telling yourself that the Ps3 is better than it is just because it's more expensive.

- What do we get for 600 dollars?
- Ev-ry-ting yu wann!
- Everything?
- Ev-ry-ting!

rowdy 14752d ago

They screwd up by making the wrong choice. I will not buy another damn 360. Sony seems to have made all the right choices all along.

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JIN KAZAMA4753d ago

MS's ASSS!! Those fool are trying HARD to play catchup on our PS3. They even have made the elite BLACK. The Elite is STILL a stripped down version of the PS3. Only thing is the bigger HDD. Damn, you Xbox zombies will fall for ANYTHING!!
See you on motorStorm.
Kal-El1217 = PSN.

Leo Atrox4753d ago

Is Sony commenting on Xbox 360 rumors, or was an announcement finally made?

Leo Atrox4753d ago

I didn't know the announcement was made. Haven't seen anything about it yet. Thanks for the update.