Playerone - Mass Effect Release Dates: June 5th (US) And june 22nd (European)

So I just found out the release dates for Mass Effect over at Here's google's attempt at a translation:

"Microsoft has just announced the date of precise exit of its play Mass Effect on Xbox 360. New the RPG of the Bioware studios will unload finally next on June 5 to the United States and the 22 of the same month in Europe, thus confirming the last rumours in date. The American giant will propose two versions, including one collector with a metal case, a DVD making of and a artbook for 5 euros additional. A guide will be also marketed in the United States (traditional and Limited Edition) by the Prima company, but the exit in Europe remains dubious at the present time. Let us recall that Mass Effect will propose to leave to discovered many planets in an evolutionary scenario. Indeed, just like in KOTOR, or Jade Worsens, your actions will affect the destiny of all the forms of life in the galaxy."


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SuperSaiyan44752d ago

Wow what a gap between the release dates! They better have a damn good explanation! *cries*

Drew4752d ago

That's a tiny gap for a American to European release. I wouldn't be complaining. Sometimes it's months.

gogators4752d ago

big as Mass Effect. Now it would be nice to get a Forza 2 release date, I know it's due around the middle of May so far. It's nice to finally have a date.

BIadestarX4752d ago

It may be possible they are releasing another big title around the same time.

FeralPhoenix4752d ago

I'm just glad we finally have a release date because I'm excited about this game.

IPlayGames4752d ago

Time to clean off the dust the 360 will be back in use on June 5th

BIadestarX4752d ago (Edited 4752d ago )

Hey Sony's B!tch; I mean (sorry) slave. Does your god(Sony) allows you to have a 360? If not, how is it possible for you to have a 360 collecting dust if you don't own one?
I mean seriously what's there to flame about this article? They just announced dates and you feel the urge to come here and spam this article too?

Edit: ohh I see.. you are just not that smart. I noticed you bash pretty much all xbox articles. Here is a tip: don't spending money on things you don't like (i.e. the 360). Just continue to buy Only sony products. It's kind of dumb to spend your money on something that you don't think is worth. It's like getting screw by you. get it?

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