10 Reasons Nintendo Should Fear The iPhone

For several years running, Nintendo has been buried in cold, crisp cash -- its executives unable to emerge from beneath the mountains of money. The heavy cash storm has been raining on the company's Kyoto, Japan headquarters relentlessly for two reasons: Wii and DS. Well, three now, if you count the recently released DSi handheld, which has reignited interest in the platform in the homeland and merely proved a worthy alternative to the DS, which continues to be successful, elsewhere. Combined, these platforms have made possible hilarious money fights between Nintendo's global president Satoru Iwata and legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto -- or, so we like to think, anyway. That's because up until recently there hasn't been much competition, especially in the handheld sector where Sony's PSP has, for all of its impressive technology, languished in distant second sales-wise. Now, though, Nintendo's handheld dominance may have a new threat from an unlikely competitor: Apple.

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The_Zeitgeist5018d ago

Nintendo has nothing to fear from iPhone. Of course my opinion is assuming that millions upon millions of little kids just aren't going to go out and by iPhones.

qface645018d ago

nintendo doesn't need to fear the iphone at all not even sony does

i have a ds because i like to play GAMES ON IT the iphone has a phew games but most of the ones it has you could get elsewhere as well

lets see i could pay 130 for a ds lite and a huge selection of gamesor i could pay over 200 dollars and a monthly fee for a phone with a few games even the ipod touch is over 200

the dsiware store just opened up give it a while and its gonna have more better games than the iphones store

i honestly don't see the iphone as a gaming device at all i just see it as a phone with a few features

The_Zeitgeist5018d ago

IGN should be called out for being so dumb that this article was even written.

TheMART5018d ago

One reason why it doesn't:

Touch screen can't replace buttons to smash. The iPhone is only good for certain special designed games.

Try the NES/SNES emulators on the iPhone and then on the PSP. (both modded with custom fw). First the buttons, second the iPhone can't run the emu's as good as the PSP.

Games like Monkey Ball Deluxe and other touch/tilt games are fun. But for example Assassins Creed looks great but playing by touch... nope its not feeling optimal.

Never, ever compare this to a handheld console (with buttons).

Nexy5018d ago (Edited 5018d ago )

I love my DS but I think they are right. They should always be afraid of competition. If any company is closer to this truth it's Nintendo. SONY was absolutely not afraid of Nintendo this gen. and they got their a$$ handed back to them by Nintendo. If the guys from Kyoto want to remain so immensely successful they should be afraid.

Maybe "afraid" is the wrong word here. They just should watch iPhone very carefully.

SpoonyRedMage5018d ago

Agreed, I think that Nintendo don't have anything to fear but they don't want to get overconfident.