Valkyria Chronicles sales keep up the heat, holds steady among top 5 in both US and Japan

Gamasutra reported that the game flew up to #5 here in North America and took the top spot among all games in Japan.
Numbers for the next week also went out just a few days ago, and it's worth noting that Valkyria is still holding on strong in both the US and Japan. In the land of the rising sun, the game ranked in at #3 among PS3 sales, and here in the US Valkyria defended its #5 spot, ranking for a second week in the top five and this time selling even higher than Guitar Hero, which was one notch ahead of Valkyria the previous week.

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Erotic Sheep3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )


Guess good games eventually WILL be seen by the public.

EDIT: Oh a disagree, you're right. VC sells like crap as u can see :|

gambare3509d ago

That's a little detail with the PS3 games, most of the PS3 users are mature people, and most of them take their time to buy, usually most of the young people rush to make their buy, so it's not a surprise that the initial sales of the PS3 games begin as slow sales but they are constant.

iamtehpwn3509d ago

Truly, There is a God. He is just.

meepmoopmeep3509d ago

no, random nothingness evolved to become those sales in Japan.


good to see VC selling well, it deserves to.

MazzingerZ3509d ago

This is actually how things worked with the PS2, SONY never hyped games but players themselves recommended a game, gamesites pointed out the great games and so on...

VGChartz has been heavily supporting VC, PSUniverse as well...all that for free, neither SEGA nor SONY have payed them a single cent...why those sites would do that? Why N4G would bother posting news about this game?'s because at the end of the day we are all gamers and we want to see great games be experienced by other gamers.

VC is a rare expection in today VG business where many games are hyped and promoted as great games via money, marketing...sites post payed ad banners and so on....but few really bother anymore in supporting a game for free, supporting it for the love to VG like it was before, the next-gen VG hyping era started pretty much by that infamous and fake GTA Tatoo.

it's hard for people today to put their money in a game, they don't trust gamesites recommendations anymore, they don't trust fellow gamers recommendation anymore (many can be just brainwashed by all that marketing)

Nice to see VC getting the respect it deserves.

MisterNiwa3508d ago

I dont know if Hideo Kojima had anything to do with it! :D... !!

Lilith_Belial3508d ago

you are so erotically correct

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Gambit073509d ago

Great news, I'm having a good time with the game specially the later missions, I'm at chapter 15, great story & characters, hope we see a sequel soon.

Cyrax_873509d ago

Nice to see this game finally grow a pair of legs :D It deserves to sell.

Obama3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

You have to admit that's pretty impressive with the game being a sjprg. I hope they are going to add more dlc to please the fans like me.

raztad3509d ago

VC isnt just a Tactical rpg. I think that misconception is one of the reasons it sold very poor at first. VC is an awesome mix up of tactical, third person and rpg elements, in a very well told story. It just got everything to be the best RPG so far this gen.

crck3509d ago

You are really stretching it when you say its part 3rd person shooter. I mean you aim a reticule and that's it. You can take 5 hours to line up one shot and it wouldn't matter. Its a strategy rpg with a great grpahical presentation and a behind the shoulder view instead of an overhead view.

raztad3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )


LOL. You could be right, perhaps Im stretching it a bit, but if you look carefully in my statement I said third person elements. I didnt mean VC was a third person shooter :D, I just wanted to say that at some times you have a third person control of your character (over the shoulder view), this make VC very different from Disgaea for example, where your team is always over a tactical reticule.

rockleex3508d ago

But it would have been even MORE awesome if it had regular RPG elements to it like Suikoden 2.

They perfected the strategy element already. I hope if there's a sequel/prequel, they will add regular RPG elements such as towns, quests, world map, regular battles, recruitment, etc.

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shadow-sentinel3509d ago

Lame article is lame.

PS3 JPRGs do no better than 360 JRPGs.


Timesplitter143509d ago

even if you say it's sarcasm, I just don't see the point


Easy one.

Plain dumb baseless and tasteless bashing.

shadow-sentinel3509d ago

No need to get worked up.

I'm just having a bit of fun. :)

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