TeamXbox: Burnout Paradise: Cops and Robbers Pack Hands-On Impressions

TeamXbox writes: "Since Burnout Paradise was released in January 2008, Electronic Arts and developer Criterion Games have released a lot of extra content-some of it free and some of it for money. For instance, when the Bikes Pack was released, it added motorcycles to the game, but it also created a new bikes-only license with events and challenges for the two-wheelers…and it came as a free upgrade. Pay-for-play items include the Legendary Cars Pack, with lookalike vehicles to the "Back to the Future" DeLorean, "Dukes of Hazzard" General Lee and two others, which cost users 640 Microsoft Points (about $8) or individually for between $2 and $4 each. Burnout Paradise is a much "bigger" game than it was when it came out."

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