Bethesda Responds to Point Look DLC

Vice President Pete Hines replies with a statement that will leave you thinking E3.

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Gamer_Politics3459d ago

well i wont be buying that dlc unless it continues the story..because sidequest arent good enough for my money

The Matrix3459d ago

Well I've played the two so far and I like them. They give you awesome items for the main game (indestructible armor anyone?) Also, we have to look the main idea, Bethesda can't keep making DLC. At some time they have to focus solely on their next game. Making a bunch of game parts isn't going to get them anywhere. The DLC was fun yet brief but we'll have to wait for quite some time to allow them time to make a full length adventure.

MGRogue20173459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Title is misleading...

Ths should be le title: New Fallout 3 DLC Title Leaked?

Diselage3459d ago

Good to hear they're going to have more after Broken Steel

Sayai jin3459d ago

Does Broken Steel remove the level cap?

Slime3459d ago

Yes, new cap is Lv 30 and has also has new perks.

Sayai jin3458d ago

Good, I stopped my 3rd game so I could wait to get passed lvl 20.. WHOO WHOO!

Slime3459d ago

I can't wait, Broken Steel is just a few days away and I want more. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRR RRE!

interrergator3459d ago

ik i cant wait till MAY 5TH

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