360 already has "memorable" MMO "experiences," says MS

VG247: Microsoft has responded to claims from Bill Roper that Don Mattrick isn't a "fan" of the MMO genre by saying 360 is already creating "memorable" MMO experiences for its 17 million Live members.

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Anon19743484d ago

I've always wondered how many Gold accounts they have, but you never see anything these days other than that 17 million number.

creeping judas3484d ago

See I would think all 17 million are gold accounts. Why? Well as per the oxford english dictionary a "subscriber" is.... (pay close attention to the 2nd explanation)

sub⋅scrib⋅er   /səbˈskraɪbər/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [suhb-skrahy-ber] Show IPA
1. a person, company, etc., that subscribes, as to a publication or concert series.
2. a homeowner, apartment dweller, business, etc., that pays a monthly charge to be connected to a television cable service.
3. a person who promises to donate a sum of money, purchase stock, etc.

"that pays a monthly charge", now we all know that silver accounts don't pay a monthly charge, therefore they are not "subscribers".

Well that's my take on it.