Everyday Playstation: Killzone 2 DLC Review

Everyday Playstation: "When Killzone 2 released about 2 months ago, the online segment was considered one of best. Guerilla Games has finally released the first round of DLC, but will it meet the high quality that the original maps put forth?"

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saltyjohn3457d ago

I agree. The DLC doesn't bring anything new to the table.

ps3gamerkyle3457d ago

It really doesn't. The two maps are good, but not for $6.

saltyjohn3457d ago

Not to mention the $6 pricepoint is outrageous.

ps3gamerkyle3457d ago

It really is. This is a continuing trend for games these days. Expensive DLC...ugh.

Pennywise3457d ago

It should of been 3 maps for $6... but more maps were needed and welcome. Worth the money if you ask me!

ps3gamerkyle3457d ago

Yeah, that's true. If the price was $5 or $4, I'd have no problem. But, at $6 for two maps, I'd expect at least a new weapon or class, or something.

DNAgent3457d ago

Crying because the maps cost $1 more? Really? $6 for these 2 maps are worth it (not to mention you get about 10 extra trophies with it) plus they have given us new ranks. I'm sure even if the map pack had an extra map or was a dollar less then you would still find something to cry about.