G4TV: 'inFAMOUS' Lead Programmer Interview -- Morals, Controls, and More

G4TV Write: How are you with details? Bruce Oberg, co-founder of Sucker Punch and lead programmer on inFAMOUS, is great with them! Watch him detail pretty much all of the game in this interview.

You'll hear all about the game's morals system, the challenge of creating controls that figure out what the player wanted to do, and why the game's release date was pushed up.

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erathaol3482d ago

He sounds very enthusiastic about his game. Reviews should start rolling in soon, they went gold sometime last month so Preview Builds should have been shipped already. I hope for the best.

pain777pas3482d ago

^^^You're right his enthusiasm has not caught me on fire. I think I'll pick this up now for sure day one. I needed just a bit more convincing and it looks really good and it sounds like the gameplay is fun.

Murilo3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Great interview. The guy seems very confident,that's good. I really like when he says they try to read the player's mind by their thumbs. If this really works, we're gonna get a very solid and satisfying gameplay. This game just keep getting better. In fact, it's already gold.

nefertis3482d ago

I just preordered today, I can't wait until the 26.

The_Zeitgeist3482d ago

I can't wait to play this game. But the lead designer is just annoying.