Sticky Situation: Will My Thumbs Be Able to Handle More Complex Madden NFL 10 Controls?

PlayStation LifeStyle writes, "I'm excited to get my hands on the newest iteration of everyone's favorite NFL video game - Madden NFL 10. I have added the release date to my calendar (and getting psyched for the early August PSN demo). I have dreamed of this year's release, excited that a sports game that I really enjoy will include trophies. There's only one thing I'm having a hard time grasping - the controls."

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DoucheVader4389d ago

TecmoBowl was complex enough! :)

I can't play these modern sports games. Way too complex.

DoucheVader4389d ago

TecmoBowl! The Uber FOOSBALLS!

Lifewish4389d ago

but i do agree with every game they are getting more and more out of contrl.

Grown Folks Talk4389d ago

If this Pro Tak system actually works like advertised, there will be a whole lot of pissed off Madden fans. Aparently the new system makes the o-line block properly, pushing DEs up & behind you. If so, no more dropping back 30 yards & running around until someone gets open. Finally weed out all of the garbage people who can't play realistic football.

StalkingSilence4389d ago

The "Backbreaker" technology that's possibly coming out as it's own game (not owned by EA) in late fall. Google "backbreaker game" and be amazed!

Grown Folks Talk4389d ago

I just can't wait to see all of the people who think they are so great struggle when they actually have to sit in the pocket instead of having Tecmo Bowl flashbacks. I know about Backbreaker. It's currently due in early October.