Rumor: Selling inFamous Special Edition

Come May 29th, you'll be getting inFamous for two reasons.

1 - It's inFamous
2 - The Uncharted 2 beta

But how does a special edition sound in being your 3rd incentive?

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jack_burt0n3516d ago

is supposedly exclusive to!

thomo18883516d ago

But there was another post with quote from SCEE saying it it is not exclusive to play but will be given to select online retailers.

Johnny Cullen3516d ago

No. SCEE said other retailers, they didnt neccasarly say they were specfically online.

jack_burt0n3516d ago

ok, thanks for the update.

MoneyMarko3516d ago

Honestly who cares about se, I just want the game/disc.

Javier193515d ago

I hope shopto get one with the beta... i dont wanna pay £39.99 for it from play, shopto always do it cheaper!