The Matrix Trilogy to Hit HD DVD Before Blu-ray

Both The Ultimate Matrix Collection and The Complete Matrix Trilogy come with the In-Movie Experience (IME), an exclusive interactive feature that allows viewers to enjoy interviews and other material via picture in picture while the movie is running.

The IME feature is precisely why the Matrix trilogy is appearing on HD DVD first. Even after more than half a year following Blu-ray's introduction, many players are still unable to support picture in picture. For this reason, HD DVD movies such as Batman Begins, Poseidon and V for Vendetta have yet to appear on Blu-ray. The Blu-ray Association hopes to catch up by setting a deadline for all Blu-ray players to support such new features by this fall.

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BlackIceJoe4314d ago

I was wondering why I could not find Batman. I wanted that movie and now that I know that that is why it is not out sucks but it should be out soon. So thats good to know.

Ps30074314d ago

Being as the Matrix kind of sucked after the 1st one i dont consider this a loss..

Pirates should be stunning.

xfrgtr4314d ago

Good news for both format

GEV1L4314d ago

Pirates, Black Hawk Down and Casino Royale are some of the reasons I want I blu ray player or at least more movie support like that for hddvd. Batman is the biggest reason I bought an HDDVD player. Well that and since I needed a new dvd player anyways and wanted upconverion the x360 add on forr 200 made sense even if HDDVD ends up failing. But damn Batman looks sweet in hd so does the mummy, constantine, training day, jarhead. Its funny though, the original Superman looks like it was filmed inthe late 90's now but the special effects look even worse than before. Looks kinda funny. But damn not having support from Disney does hurt. Means no Pixar, and more importanly to me no dreamworks I think. I need my Saving PRivate Ryan and Band of brothers in high def dammit. Having the matrix is nice though, as I like my eye candy but I need hd war!

JasonXE4314d ago

hddvd porno..what's up with that? Also yes i will be buying the martix trilogy on hddvd..should be cool.

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