Report: DivX 7 to add MKV Support to Windows 7 and XBOX 360 / PS3

Windows 7 has added support for most multimedia file types straight out of the box, unfortunately leaving out Matroska. DivX has stepped up however, and has added Matroska/MKV support to the latest beta of DivX 7.

This means that Windows will be able to play MKV files properly, including the ability to automatically transcode and stream these files to the Playstation 3 and XBOX 360.

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morganfell3482d ago

If you use the free PS3 Java Media server it will stream .mkv files on the fly to your PS3 transcoding them flawlessly in the process:


The_Zeitgeist3482d ago

Great Tip man. Thank YOu!!!!!!!!

rodeoo3482d ago

Or you can use tversity. Definitely my favorite media server

Dark_Overlord3482d ago

so I can convert them to mp4's and leave them on the HD, (takes 15mins at most to convert to mp4, sometimes less than a min)

morganfell3482d ago

The PS3 media server encodes on the fly with no library and handles more codecs than Tversity. You can even leave files zipped up and it will unzip and encode on the fly.

lowlight3481d ago

With Windows 7 and DivX 7 installed, you will no longer have to worry about codecs, splitters, libraries, etc, etc. It will just WORK. Plus MKV is now a viable option for mainstream users for the first time. That's why I think this is pretty big news.

morganfell3481d ago

Well the big issue there is that Windows 7 is going to sell a lot less than Vista...

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GiantEnemyCrab3482d ago

" automatically transcode and stream"

Fail. Transcoding/reconverting is a waste and they should be natively supported. Enough with the cheezy transcoding garbage that results in a degraded picture or wasting time converting all my files from a better codec to some garbage that the PS3 or 360 can play.