TPG Review: Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - The Worst DS Game In The Universe?

TPG writes, "Have you ever gotten the urge to uppercut a game cartridge into the sun? If you don't want to burn with the rage of a thousand supernovae, then I would suggest you stay lightyears away from Puzzle Quest: Galactrix.

It's tough to know where to begin when a game jams it's middle finger directly into your brain and then throws napalm into the hole. It sort of scrambles your thought process. I say this because Puzzle Quest: Galactrix is not simply a terrible game; it's a forgery, an impostor. It is one thing to have a negative experience with a game. It's another to feel lied to and stolen from."

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Neco5123548d ago

Wow, this one sounds horrible

CrAppleton3548d ago

Yeah.. it sounds pretty damn bad..

bgrundman3548d ago

not my bag... I think I will have to pass.

Neco5123548d ago

Were there any good qualities about this game?

CrAppleton3548d ago

"Pros: It is technically a game"
"Cons: Everything else"

Wow.. that's pretty f*cked up.. lol

Sangria3548d ago

Please tell me it's a joke, i preorder the game for my ol' mother that loved the first Puzzle Quest on DS :(

notbob3548d ago

Don't worry, this game hates YOU more than you could possibly hate IT.

titntin3548d ago

They are not everyones favorite, but the puzzle quest games have a strange appeal to the right person. I loved the original psp one, and have played the PSN game quite a bit too. I'm not alone, sites like IGN reviewed and loved the original puzzle quest game.

Theres no excuse for the reported technical issues though - thats just shoddy...

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