Free Realms: Get The Facts

What The Play writes: "Free Realms is a browser-based massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Sony Online Entertainment. Aimed at kids over 10 as well as teens and families, Free Realms is set in a virtual fantasy world where "anything can happen!" (to quote the marketing materials.) The game emphasizes exploration, social networking, and character options: residents of Free Realms can acquire numerous "jobs" concurrently, including a brawler, a pet trainer, an archer, a ninja, a chef, a miner, a wizard, a go-kart driver, and even a postman. Players receive quests according to their jobs, and are encouraged to try many professions instead of being restricted to one.

The Free Realms experience is molded around personal choice. Though there are several "armed" jobs that focus around battling enemies (such as the brawler or the ninja, who carry weapons like mallets and swords), there are many non-violent options. Pet trainers walk their pets, groom them, and teach them tricks. Chefs cook up food and in-game items."

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