Peekababe - Once Rejected, Now Approved writes:

"It turns out Apple's application reviewers do love babes in lingerie after all because they have finally allowed Peekababe to be placed at the App Store.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that we brought you the heart-wrenching story of Peekababe, an application that was rejected because it was simply too sexy for the App Store. In that article we outlined how there are similar applications, even ones that are far worse, available at the App Store, and that Apple is just way too inconsistent when deciding what types of content gets an application rejected. But all of that is irrelevant now since Peekababe has been approved."

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Diselage3460d ago

Girls in underwear=WIN!

phosphor1123460d ago

then can always just save picture of NAKED chicks on their iphone instead...ya know..for free.

Kevin McCallister3460d ago

Just got an iPhone like an hour ago and I'm loving it so far. Still an apple hater though lol.

El_Colombiano3460d ago

Apple hater? So you're close minded?

Kevin McCallister3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

Uhhh, no. If I were closed-minded, I wouldnt have just spent money on their product a few hours ago. I'm not a fan of the way Apple overcharges for most of their devices, but I don't feel this is the case with the iPhone. If I feel something is worth my money, I'm going to purchase it regardless of its manufacturer. We all have companies we like and dislike for various reasons.

gameon18183458d ago

Dude peekababe added a cool twist on hot apps. Very creative -
I give them a 9 and a hot thumbs up

Mike883457d ago

can't take my hands off this app, lol. it is way too cool. i really just can't wait for the new pics...ahhhhh, when is the update coming already? nurse....