NaturalPoint Reveals TrackIR 5 Head Tracker writes: "NaturalPoint has made some really great head-tracking devices in the past with their various TrackIR product line. However, it looks like they may trump all of their previous devices with the new TrackIR 5. The new unit features a 51.7 degree field of view (5.7 degrees wider than the TrackIR 4 Pro) and a 640x480 raw sensor resolution. And please note..."

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MasterChief36243483d ago

Remember before Nintendo officially unveiled what the Nintendo Revolution was, people said it was renamed to "Nintendo On" (or something like that), and the "breakthrough" it represented was virtual reality, with a nice little helmet to go with it that would show 3D images... and blah blah.

This story makes me think we really aren't too far away from that now. Ha. What a difference a few years can make in this generation :P

Ninjamonkey3483d ago


Do any games support this?

Also masterchief, remember that ps9 advert sony did a while back? search it on youtube.

Were getting there XD

MasterChief36243483d ago

I've never seen or heard of that video before, but thank you for bringing it up.

That was pretty sweet :D

Was that video really brought out by Sony?