Raven's Wolverine Game Influences Fox Movie

According to Raven Software, which was working on a script for a Wolverine origin story long before the movie was ever greenlit; there were characters and plot references that appeared in the film script that were straight from the game. has the exclusive details straight from the developer's mouth.

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littletad3510d ago

The Wolverine is pretty bad on the story, but great in action. And which part do you think comic fans are more concerned with? They re-write the relationship between Sabertooth and Wolvie, literally mess up Deadpool, and a few other things not worth mentioning. If they stole ideas, well, it didn't help.

Steyene3510d ago

Why did they kill off deadpool. I mean honestly he would of had to have been the most bad ass character/sub character in the X-men universe.

Mayle3510d ago

SPOILER....................... ............................... .................after the credits you see that deadpool is still alive

BISHOP-BRASIL3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

From what I read around, Mayle is right.

Actually they probably just did it to make the story even easier to non comic-readers (don't having to deal with more one character now) and to create a bit of mistery around Deadpool, which is to the average Joe a "badass red-black ninja" (this almost sounds like cash register cha-ching to Holywood recent standards for briefs-over-pants heroes) which they can explore for a movie or whatever later.

Marvel is just moving on from comics business to movies-about-comics business. If you just look at what they have already declared planned, you shall see what I'm talking about.

KionicWarlord2223510d ago

If you stayed to end you would have seen dead pool was alive...also the comics (which there are many versions) have details about dead pool.

The_Zeitgeist3509d ago

The movie sucked but the game looks fun. It should make for a good weekend rental.

dachiefsman3509d ago

confirmed the game is better than the movie. i have had a blast playing the game while the movie sucked b*lls!